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In the past, marketing compliance in highly regulated industries (like Pharma, Healthcare or Finance) was a time-consuming process that involved a legal team or general counsel manually reviewing each outgoing document line by line before messaging could be delivered to the public.

This process has been inefficient.

Marketers must be hyper-diligent in managing feedback, and legal teams have to dedicate the time they need for review to ensure accuracy in compliance.

Legal professionals today have a choice – they can continue to use antiquated processes and inefficient workflows, or embrace legal tech innovation to meet the shifting regulatory demands related to marketing and promotional content.

Let’s take a closer look at how compliance processes have changed, and why legal technology innovations like Red Marker are experiencing increased demand.

Compliance in Days Past

Ensuring legal compliance has historically been an arduous task. Highly regulated industries like healthcare, banking, and pharmaceuticals must always ensure that their marketing and promotional content adheres to stringent rules to protect consumers (and companies).

No matter how large your marketing budget is, even the most creative and flashy marketing messages have to go through the process of compliance assessment before going out to the public.

When done manually, legal professionals and compliance officers would comb through marketing material line by line and annotate feedback to remove ‘risky’ language and provide suggestions for alternatives. Depending on the amount of content, the process could take days, and for larger campaigns, potentially weeks. At Red Marker, we think your time is more valuable than that.

AI-Powered Legal Tech Compliance is in Demand

To help your team achieve approvals faster and more efficiently, Red Marker has developed an AI-powered compliance software that uses natural language processing and advanced algorithms to provide near-instantaneous feedback on any format of marketing collateral.

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Efficiency at Scale

The software puts a powerful tool in the hands of your existing compliance professionals, helping them do their jobs at scale to match the frequency of campaigns and promotions while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Learn more about Red Marker’s solutions for Legal Compliance Teams.

Red Marker Lowers Cost and Time Commitment

Who wouldn’t want to save time with an automated compliance platform? More and more, legal professionals and compliance officers are searching out the latest technology innovations to uncover tools that can provide fast and efficient risk assessment for a wide range of collateral.

Regulations continually evolve, and if your products and services reach an international audience, legal professionals must have compliance processes that are dynamic enough to respond to regulations from all applicable governing bodies. A tool such as Red Marker AI helps companies in a range of industries improve their output, identify risk more quickly, and approve messaging with less back and forth between themselves and the marketing team.

How Red Marker Delivers Better, Faster Marketing Legal Compliance

Red Marker’s AI compliance platform fits seamlessly into the legal review process by integrating with a range of project management, workflow and CRM tools like Aprimo and Asana. By working with technology platforms where marketing collateral is created and shared, Red Marker gives legal professionals the power to work 30 times faster with a higher degree of accuracy and helps streamline communication between collaborating parties. Learn more about these recent Red Marker capabilities here.

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Expansive in Scope

The AI-powered compliance tech also helps to monitor partnering or third-party content through its advanced scanning technology—capable of reviewing thousands of pages, individual text, and images instantly to ensure consistency and accuracy of messaging.

Red Marker Delivers Better Results

Everyone trusts their legal team to deliver the best risk assessment possible. With Red Marker, you can trust in a higher level of accuracy delivered with real-time speed. Red Marker also provides analytical feedback and precise annotation of potential problem areas, so that your team can not only identify risk but continue to identify previously unknown issues to improve the legal review process overall.

Spearheading Legal Innovation

Red Marker understands that your legal and compliance team is a trusted ally in the seemingly endless battle against ever-changing regulations. Your business works hard to deliver targeted messages that comply with the restrictions of your given industry.

With AI-powered compliance from Red Marker, teams are better prepared to overcome the regulatory challenges facing today’s businesses and make legal marketing processes as efficient as possible.

Getting started is as easy as creating an account through our convenient signup. Start by booking a consultation with one of our client success representatives.

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