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Innovative marketing compliance management for banking & finance

Red Marker addresses a variety of compliance challenges in the banking and financial sector with cutting-edge AI-technology designed to seamlessly support legal and marketing teams with their regulatory initiatives.

Bank Marketing Professionals review marketing content for compliance in Red Marker

What’s more expensive than fines for non-compliant marketing content?

The price you pay for diminished customer loyalty

Using a highly advanced and supremely customizable risk detection, both marketing and legal teams have the tools they need to ensure adherence in the rapidly changing regulatory banking and finance sector. With our help, enterprises achieve efficiency at scale in relation to the content compliance review process.

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Compliance challenges in the banking & finance sector

Regulations continue to evolve and manual compliance processes keep financial institutions from being agile. With content needs increasing, ‘review fatigue’ impacts productivity when marketing and compliance teams should be focusing on delivering valuable experiences to their customers.

regulatory roadblocks

Red Marker’s platform helps financial institutions meet FINRA and FCA regulatory requirements through a powerful compliance risk assessment, checking for items like updated licensing and certifications while securing sensitive client information through a multi-tenanted infrastructure.

Why use Red Marker?
Red Marker

"We are so happy with Red Marker - we’re getting into such a nice cadence, it saves us so much time. We’re really happy with the detail it gives us and the way we can action everything instantaneously."

Senior Marketer Top Australian Financial Services business

With machine learning and natural language processing, Red Marker’s software reviews clients’ compliance checklists to effectively mitigate risk on their marketing and advertising content. Up to 30 times faster than manual review alone, increased efficiencies in your workflow will:

  • Reduce the time it takes to review materials on behalf of the legal compliance teams
  • Help content creators address easily fixed issues such as disclaimers, high-risk language, and incorrect dates
  • Improve content turnaround times and ensure that marketing is making better, more compliant content