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Get the latest insights from Red Marker on Marketing Compliance, Artificial Intelligence, and other news in the RegTech and LegalTech space.

FCA Compliance for Marketers: Breaking Down the FCA’s COBS 4

30 May 2023 Marketing that isn’t compliant with FCA regulation presents a huge liability for financial services companies. In [...]

FINRA Compliance for Marketers: Breaking Down Rule 2210

12 May 2023 If you’re a marketer in financial services, FINRA’s Rule 2210 is especially important for you, as it provides gui [...]

High-Risk Language: 7 Words to Avoid in Your Financial Marketing Content

2 May 2023 High-risk language in your financial services marketing can lead to serious fines, and it happens more often than [...]

To Build or to Buy AI: That is the Question

12 April 2023 Artificial Intelligence [AI] has become a necessity in the modern tech stack, and more businesses are exploring [...]

What Disclaimers and Disclosures Should Financial Marketers Use in Their Content?

20 April 2023 Disclaimers and disclosures are critical in financial marketing to avoid fines, lawsuits, and suspensions, so i [...]

3 Resources To Help Financial Marketers Improve Content Compliance

29 March 2023 Financial services is a minefield of ever-changing laws and regulations, no matter where you’re located. If you [...]

How Financial Services Marketers Can Speed up Compliance Reviews of Content

22 March 2023 Ensuring content compliance is no small matter for marketers in the financial services industry. FINRA issued o [...]

NEW: Red Marker ‘Approvals’

Enhance Marketing Content Reviews with Red Marker Approvals Even with all the tools available today, there are several tried [...]

Transforming the crucial relationship between Marketing and Legal

To achieve compliant marketing, issues often arise such as length of time to review, inconsistent feedback and not having bee [...]

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