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Create more compliant content with Google Docs & Red Marker

Identify and remove legal risk in documents prior to submission to legal or compliance – now in Google Docs™. Red Marker is available as an extension for Google Docs, [...]

RiskGPT for AI-Assisted Content Amendment

Marketers in heavily regulated industries are likely familiar with approval and launch delays as a result of the legal or compliance review process. It’s critical to ensure content meets [...]

Can Your Existing MarTech Stack Improve Marketing Compliance?

Marketing in a highly competitive, heavily regulated industries presents significant challenges — from ensuring messaging clarity across a significant volume of content to consistently producing compliant communications.

Why Compliance Is Important for Business

What is the role of marketing compliance? It’s a question that resonates beyond the walls of the compliance and legal departments, echoing through every facet of modern business. The [...]

How To Build a Compliance Culture in 6 Steps

Establishing a compliance culture for marketing strategies and initiatives takes more than good intentions and an annual meeting between marketing and compliance. It takes full dedication from the entire [...]

Financial Services Compliance: A Guide for Marketers

Financial services marketers bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring all communications and advertisements are compliant with regulatory requirements. The lingering effects of the pandemic, high inflation rates, and an [...]

Mastering Marketing Compliance: An Overview of Regulations

The significance of compliance in highly-regulated industries is well understood. Companies are at consistent risk of incurring financial...

Understanding FINRA Compliance: Meaning, Importance, and the Impact on Advertising

Compliance with financial regulations is critical for any business in the financial services sector. A single misstep — be it an advertisement missing a critical disclaimer or a web [...]


Be Clear on Being Clear: A Guide to Readability Metrics for Marketers

Clear and concise communication is a prized skill. Whether you’re crafting a business proposal, drafting a legal document, or creating marketing materials, the ability to convey complex ideas in [...]