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Get the latest insights from Red Marker on Marketing Compliance, Artificial Intelligence, and other news in the RegTech and LegalTech space.

Red Marker client, LGIM, wins 2023 Best Innovation in Use of Technology

Red Marker client LGIM (Legal & General Investment Management) was awarded Best Innovation in Use of Technology at The Fi [...]

FCA Compliance for Marketers: Breaking Down the FCA’s COBS 4

30 May 2023 Marketing that isn’t compliant with FCA regulation presents a huge liability for financial services companies. In [...]

FINRA Compliance for Marketers: Breaking Down Rule 2210

12 May 2023 If you’re a marketer in financial services, FINRA’s Rule 2210 is especially important for you, as it provides gui [...]

High-Risk Language: 7 Words to Avoid in Your Financial Marketing Content

2 May 2023 High-risk language in your financial services marketing can lead to serious fines, and it happens more often than [...]

To Build or to Buy AI: That is the Question

12 April 2023 Artificial Intelligence [AI] has become a necessity in the modern tech stack, and more businesses are exploring [...]

What Disclaimers and Disclosures Should Financial Marketers Use in Their Content?

20 April 2023 Disclaimers and disclosures are critical in financial marketing to avoid fines, lawsuits, and suspensions, so i [...]

3 Resources To Help Financial Marketers Improve Content Compliance

29 March 2023 Financial services is a minefield of ever-changing laws and regulations, no matter where you’re located. If you [...]

How Financial Services Marketers Can Speed up Compliance Reviews of Content

22 March 2023 Ensuring content compliance is no small matter for marketers in the financial services industry. FINRA issued o [...]

NEW: Red Marker ‘Approvals’

Enhance Marketing Content Reviews with Red Marker Approvals Even with all the tools available today, there are several tried [...]

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