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Australian Regulators to embrace AI for compliance

Australian regulatory agencies are turning to AI to bolster industry-wide compliance, responding to claims that they could have done more to prevent the onset of bad banking practices.

ASIC gets tough on RegTech for the big banks

ASIC is doubling down on their push to increase the adoption of Regtech within the banking sector. Taking a direct approach, the regulator will force banks to explain why [...]

Major banks using AI for compliance

Innovation, legal, and compliance teams often find it hard to see eye-to-eye when it comes to implementing new ways of doing business. With limited room for error in regulation, [...]

ASIC to use AI to target misleading advertising

ASIC is turning to AI in an attempt to streamline their effectiveness and reach when it comes to overseeing internet advertising.

Compliance to become a top-tier concern for CEOs

In the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, financial institutions are being forced to view compliance as a central concern of business.

RegTech software a pathway for Post-Hayne compliance

Traditional banking compliance processes are overburdened, under resourced, and labour intensive, so it shouldn’t be surprising that we aren’t the only ones who see this as an opportunity for [...]

How Software Can Help Cut Regulatory Risks

Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2007, governments the world over have responded in force with a stream of much needed reforms and regulations.

Algorithms tame ambiguities in use of legal data

Natural language processing is an evolving technology that is becoming capable of streamlining complex, qualitative tasks such as trend analysis and document classification.

Linklaters – A toolkit for Artificial Intelligence projects

With the onset of AI seen by many as an inevitability, a question that is often not asked often enough is “when should we use AI and how should [...]