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Algorithms tame ambiguities in use of legal data

Natural language processing is an evolving technology that is becoming capable of streamlining complex, qualitative tasks such as trend analysis and document classification.

Linklaters – A toolkit for Artificial Intelligence projects

With the onset of AI seen by many as an inevitability, a question that is often not asked often enough is “when should we use AI and how should [...]

Intelligent Automation versus Automating Intelligently

With emerging technologies such as AI predicted to automate a massive proportion of businesses in the coming century, good business leaders will be wanting to know how their company [...]

RegTech – Essential Allies for Open Banking

Changes to regulation in the EU are sending ripples around global finance and banking industries. These changes mark the beginning of a more open banking system and a greater [...]

How AI is leading the business data revolution

Artificial intelligence is shaping as a disruptive force for all industries, but while the private sector is typically bullish on AI, others have voiced reasonable concerns regarding automation and [...]

RedMarker co-founds industry RegTech association

In early 2017, we had the privilege of becoming one of the founding members of the Regtech Association, a coming together of startups looking to positively disrupt Australia’s banking [...]

Kaplan press release – Kaplan acquires Red Marker

Global education provider Kaplan last week acquired Red Marker, the machine learning and artificial intelligence-based RegTech pioneer.

Global education giant Kaplan buys Red Marker

It might seem unexpected for an AI compliance startup to be acquired by a global education provider, but in the case of Red Marker, the potential for revolutionising traditional [...]