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Marketing compliance software

79% of Marketing and Compliance teams agree: Speed is key in the review process*.

But for busy marketing teams, manoeuvring through the complex maze of regulations, laws, and guidelines can often pose a significant challenge for marketing teams. It’s time to embrace a more innovative approach — one that enhances collaboration and tackles content compliance with ease.

Enter Red Marker — your smart, efficient, AI-powered tool for marketing compliance. Automatically analyze document text and images to identify potential risks in your promotional content before it’s sent off for legal review.

Reduce back-and-forth iterations and streamline your approval process.

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Our team is thrilled with Red Marker! It saves us a significant amount of time and provides detailed, actionable feedback instantaneously.

Marketing User Financial Services, Australia

Experience the Red Marker Advantage

Advanced compliance tech for advertising and marketing content

Experience a new level of control over the compliance and legal review of your marketing and advertising materials. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning, Red Marker empowers advertisers and marketers with a revolutionary approach to compliance.

We’re not just simplifying the review process — we’re transforming it, enabling you to create more compliant content from the start, significantly cutting down approval turnaround time.

With our innovative SaaS platform, you can upload and scan your promotional and advertising content for risks before submission to legal and compliance. This gives you the power to perform a first-line review and address any identified risks based on the clear and consistent feedback provided by our intelligent AI technology.

That’s why it’s up to 30x more efficient than manual legal review, delivering real-time feedback and a seamless built-in approval process. This allows you to meet stringent industry standards and quickly create accurate, compliant content.

Industries We Serve

Harness the power of Red Marker’s AI-driven compliance software across an array of dynamic industries. Our solution is expertly tailored to each sector, delivering custom solutions that make a difference.

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Telecoms
  • Food and Beverage (F&B)
  • Pharma/Medical

Financial Services

Take control of your marketing and brand content and the process it undergoes for legal compliance review. The Red Marker system can automatically check if disclaimers are included and presented to expected standards, and identifies high-risk phrases and misleading statements that could put your brand in jeopardy.


In the complex world of insurance, a single word out of place could mean a significant compliance misstep. Bolster your messaging accuracy, building unwavering customer trust and ensuring your communications remain on the right side of regulations.


Whether you’re launching a sleek new vehicle or driving a promotional offer, the need for compliance is non-negotiable. Make sure every campaign is a smooth ride on the compliance highway, reaching your audience without regulatory roadblocks.


In an industry where innovations happen in the blink of an eye and regulations strive to keep pace, staying connected with compliance is crucial. Manage your fast-evolving marketing strategies efficiently, ensuring they align seamlessly with the latest guidelines.

Food and Beverage (F&B)

Whether it’s launching a new product, promoting a seasonal special, or making a nutritional claim, maintaining compliance is essential. Ensure your F&B communications are as palatable to regulations as they are to your customers.


In this industry, a cure discovered today could be announced tomorrow. Yet every communication and every claim must meet stringent regulations. Navigate this high-stakes landscape confidently, delivering compliant messaging that resonates with your audience.

Software Integrations

Red Marker’s AI-powered software empowers users to work 30x more efficiently, providing real-time feedback across platforms used daily.

Google Docs
Google Docs Integration with Red Marker

Google Docs

A perfect integration for Google Workspace users, the Google Docs extension speeds up content development by providing real-time compliance feedback directly into your working document.



Red Marker's powerful AI and automation enables marketers to scan their content within their Figma canvas for legal, compliance and brand risks before submitting content to legal or compliance for review and approval.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Integration with Red Marker

Microsoft Word

Speed up compliance review and accelerate your speed to market by deploying the Microsoft Word add-in. Marketing and legal professionals can apply custom risk detection to their content as they write it.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Powerpoint integration with Red Marker

Microsoft PowerPoint

Ensure your advertising collateral is compliant before it’s sent to legal with Red Marker’s PowerPoint integration. While working on your presentation, users may prompt Red Marker to scan your content and apply your custom rules and risk detection logic to your document.

*Red Marker & Arlington Research, 2023. Contact us for the full report.