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Improve reviews with marketing compliance software

​Red Marker’s marketing review technology for legal and compliance teams offers a proactive approach to identifying potential risk. A safety net against risk exposure, Red Marker supports more efficient legal and compliance review to quickly and accurately identify risk before regulators - or customers.

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Using Red Marker helps me catch things that I miss. It looks at things with fresh eyes every time, calling out variations. It has improved both risk detection across all reviews and it’s also helped us become more consistent as an organization.

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Proactively identify legal risks using the power of AI and automation

As regulations evolve and penalties for non-compliance rise, brands in highly-regulated industries are increasingly vulnerable. The pressure to protect their reputation and finances from harm weighs on the legal and compliance teams to ensure all marketing and advertising assets align with brand and regulatory compliance requirements. Leaning on manual review processes to manage compliance risk on hundreds of documents is time consuming and perpetuates a reactive mindset towards legal compliance management.


Red Marker provides feedback to address altered or missing critical compliance elements and high-risk text or images based on custom rules and brand requirements.


Legal compliance software for marketing review

Advanced document scanning technology from Red Marker streamlines the process that marketing and advertising content undergoes to ensure regulatory and brand compliance before it’s distributed to customers.


As the last touchpoint before publication, legal and compliance teams can offset the burden of responsibility to ensure compliance with automated legal compliance software. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Red Marker flags for potential risk based on built-in compliance checklists encompassing unique brand standards and industry-specific rules and requirements. 


Why use Document Scanning technology?

  • Achieve compliance peace of mind
  • Manage outcomes on all marketing and advertising
  • Scan and analyze hundreds of documents
  • Conduct marketing/legal review up to 30x faster
  • Reduce spend and staffing on document review
  • Leverage better workflows with integrations
  • Ensure compliance accuracy
  • In-built Approvals process

Enhancing marketing compliance management with our integration partners

With the support of our API, Red Marker users can incorporate the 3rd-party tools they use every day into their workflows to bring their marketing and advertising content one step closer to compliance.


Custom risk detection technology from Red Marker

Providing true, custom trained AI, bespoke to the needs of your business

Red Marker’s custom risk detection technology powers two services—the Document Scanning platform and monthly Web Reports. Standing out from other marketing and legal tech providers, Red Marker isn’t just customized to you, it’s customized for you.


Want to ensure brand and regulatory compliance across a network of domains? Proactively monitor online risk exposure and get complete web compliance coverage with monthly Web Reports.

Simple, uncomplicated customization

Upon onboarding, our Implementation teams get to know your business to set up your rules, requirements, and triggers and our Client Success teams will train you on how to make the most out of the solution.

Based on your  industry, products, services and risk appetite, Red Marker will know exactly what to look for to protect you from regulatory and brand risk.

Red Marker legal and compliance resources

Take the next step in achieving better and repeatable compliance outcomes with our free guides. Utilize Red Marker’s materials to evaluate your current marketing and legal review processes, see where automated marketing compliance can offer improvements, and learn how to make the most out of custom risk detection technology.