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AI-Powered Marketing Compliance Software

Increase content velocity and expedite your pathway to market with the help of automated marketing compliance and document scanning software. ​

Giving marketing and legal/compliance teams the power to work faster and at scale, Red Marker scans hundreds of documents for legal and compliance risk in seconds. Dynamic in nature, users can initiate automated legal review at any stage in the process and address potential risk on their drafted advertising and marketing materials in real-time.

Marketing professional demonstrates the ROI of document scanning for compliance to team

Document scanning from Red Marker

Using sophisticated features, Red Marker’s Document Scanning platform offers brands in highly-regulated industries consistent compliance accuracy with an easy-to-use tool.

  • Controlled marketing compliance outcomes
  • Achieve legal compliance consistency
  • Customized digital content review

Controlled marketing compliance outcomes

Take control of your marketing and promotional content and the process it undergoes for marketing and compliance review. The Red Marker system can automatically check if disclaimers are included and presented to expected standards, and identifies high-risk phrases and misleading statements that could put your brand in jeopardy.

Document Scanning for Marketing Compliance - Platform Screenshot
Have confidence with embedded risk identification for every review

Achieve legal compliance consistency

As digital content moves between marketing and legal teams, users can quickly locate newly added text and flag for modified or missing critical compliance elements from any type of document. Powerful search and monitoring capabilities also check for inconsistencies in pricing or other product features across customer and client-facing messaging.

Red Marker AI Performance Dashboard
Get consistent feedback on potential risks, every review

Customized digital content review

Based on your risk appetite, brand standards and products, Red Marker is designed to be your customized checklist for compliance. Advanced logic tells the system to check for the presence or absence of content specific to your industry and services (such as licenses and certifications) on both text and images. External data capabilities can even cross-check if current information matches the document’s contents. Compliance and Legal teams can also leverage the in-built approvals functionality to enhance a seamless content review process.

Red Marker AI Platform
All risks are quickly custom built for your organization

Software Integrations

To support optimal efficiencies in marketing and legal review, Red Marker integrations allow users to get compliance feedback in the applications they work in everyday.