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Marketing compliance software

Improve the marketing content review process for a simpler, faster, and more effective approach to legal compliance. Automatically analyze document text and images, and identify potential risks in promotional and advertising content more accurately and efficiently to ensure brand marketing compliance and legal compliance.

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“We are so happy with Red Marker... it saves us so much time. We’re really happy with the detail it gives us and the way we can action everything instantaneously.”

Marketing User Financial Services, Australia

Red Marker Benefits

Advanced compliance tech for advertising & marketing content

Red Marker’s SaaS marketing compliance platform helps companies automate and simplify the complex and time-consuming content review process to quickly and accurately identify risk.

Through its innovative artificial intelligence and powerful machine learning capabilities, Red Marker annotates risky content just like an expert would – but faster and at scale. Our fully customizable marketing content compliance solution is up to 30x more efficient than manual legal review. Marketers are provided with real-time feedback and a seamless in-built approval process to help meet stringent industry standards and quickly create accurate, compliant content.

Explore the capabilities of Red Marker

Offering easy-to-use features that are both simple and sophisticated, discover the benefits that Red Marker’s
content marketing compliance solutions provide today’s regulation and compliance-conscious brands.

  • Marketing content compliance & oversight
  • Powerful search & monitoring
  • Advanced logic & external data

Marketing content compliance & oversight

Take control of your marketing and brand content and the process it undergoes for legal compliance review. The Red Marker system can automatically check if disclaimers are included and presented to expected standards, and identifies high-risk phrases and misleading statements that could put your brand in jeopardy.

Brand, legal and compliance requirements are automatically checked

Powerful search & monitoring

Quickly locate newly added text and flag for modified or missing disclaimers from any type of document. Red Marker clients can also check for inconsistencies in pricing or other calculations across their customer and client-facing content and messaging.

Red Marker AI Performance Dashboard
Quickly review all assets for brand and legal risk

Advanced logic & external data

Red Marker is a highly customizable compliance system that can be set up to check for the presence or absence of specific content (such as licenses and certifications) on both text and images, and can even retrieve external data to ensure the content within documents matches current information exactly. 

All risks are quickly custom built for your organization

Software Integrations

Red Marker allows users to work 30 times more efficiently and delivers real-time feedback on the platforms they’re working in every day.

Asana Integration with Red Marker


Manage the progress of ongoing marketing tasks and conduct compliance reviews all in the same place. Simply assign Red Marker with reviewing your marketing collateral through Asana, and Red Marker will send back an annotated PDF.

ACA Compliance
ACA Compliance Alpha Integration with Red Marker

ACA Compliance

Financial service professionals will improve the efficiency of marketing review by combining ACA’s regulatory technology platform, ComplianceAlpha, with Red Marker’s automated risk detection system.



Enterprise organizations that turn to Contact to Install for their digital asset and productivity management needs will love running automated risk detection directly on their marketing content to fast-track their compliant content development.

bethebrand integration with Red Marker


Integrate bethebrand, a brand and marketing workflow and compliance system favored by UK and other international brands with Red Marker. Maximize performance and ensure compliance alignment by adding Red Marker to your bethebrand platform.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Integration with Red Marker

Microsoft Word

Speed up compliance review and accelerate your speed to market by deploying the Microsoft Word add-in. Marketing and legal professionals can apply custom risk detection to their content as they write it.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Powerpoint integration with Red Marker

Microsoft PowerPoint

Ensure your advertising collateral is compliant before it’s sent to legal with Red Marker’s PowerPoint integration. While working on your presentation, users may prompt Red Marker to scan your content and apply your custom rules and risk detection logic to your document.

Google Docs
Google Docs Integration with Red Marker

Google Docs

A perfect integration for Google Workspace users, the Google Docs extension speeds up content development by providing real-time compliance feedback directly into your working document.

Email-In Functionality
Email in Functionality for Red Marker

Email-In Functionality

To have Red Marker quickly scan your content provided by your marketing team, forward your document to your location-specific email contact to receive an annotated PDF outlining potential risk within minutes.