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To keep up with rapidly shifting regulations, legal and marketing teams need to take a dynamic approach to marketing compliance.

Red Marker offers a variety of features and functionality to support a streamlined user experience. We want to empower our clients to take ownership of their compliance process and the legal review of important documents. And by regularly updating our capabilities, we give users the latest tools to determine their compliance outcomes and better manage legal and marketing processes.

Discover some of the latest tips and tricks from our support team, and find out how else you can leverage Red Marker‘s integrations and capabilities in unique and effective ways you may not have thought of before.


Elevate Marketing & Compliance with Red Marker Integrations

Thanks to the availability of our API, we have an array of integrations that users can leverage to streamline their workflows. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from the integrations included in our compliance software:

Review content where you create it with Microsoft Word

Marketers – accelerate speed to market by leveraging compliance feedback directly in the document you’re working in. Once you’ve deployed the relevant integration, Red Marker will prompt you to log in to apply your custom risk detection rules. After analyzing your document, any rules that have been triggered will be listed in the task panel for your review.

Learn how to deploy the add-in.

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Ask Red Marker to review your material with Asana

Task Red Marker with reviewing your marketing collateral through Asana. Once you’ve enabled the integration, simply create a task or subtask, attach your document, and select ‘YES RMR’ to notify Red Marker to review your document. You will receive an annotated PDF to continue moving through compliance review.

Check out how to enable Red Marker reviews on additional projects.

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Check your draft content with Google Docs

Similar to Microsoft Word, you can also review your draft content on Google Docs. Once installed, log in to your Red Marker account and the Red Marker app. By clicking ‘check content’ a list of triggers will appear in the panel so you can conduct your compliance review. Each of the annotations that appear in the panel offers an explanation of why the content was highlighted and directions on how to address it.

Get all your questions about reviewing your Google Docs answered here.

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Get automated risk detection with ACA ComplianceAlpha

Marketing professionals and compliance officers in financial services will enjoy our integration with ACA ComplianceAlpha. ACA ComplianceAlpha users conducting marketing reviews can benefit from improved efficiency and leverage Red Marker’s automated risk detection on their marketing content.

Contact Red Marker and your ACA account manager to set up the integration.

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Deliver compliant content even faster with Aprimo

Ad compliance and marketing legal teams can immediately benefit from Red Marker’s integration with Aprimo, a content operations and marketing project management software. Users creating and delivering content in various enterprise organizations can use Red Marker’s automated risk detection to create more accurate, compliant content.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Red Marker and your Aprimo account manager to get set up.

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Optimize Red Marker’s Image Analysis Capabilities to Suit Your Digital Marketing Compliance Needs

Find out how else Red Marker can help protect your brand with its advanced imaging analysis and identification system.

Keep your logos in check with custom logo detection

Platform Screenshot- Custom Logo Detection

Dealing with multiple logos? Utilize our new custom logo detection capability to help you ensure that old logos don’t appear in ongoing marketing content or partner logos appear correctly on documents. Protect your brand by using Red Marker’s new custom logo detection capability!

Gain greater visibility with custom image recognition

Did you know that Red Marker is not only capable of detecting particular objects within an image, but can analyze images in their entirety? Ensure you’re only using approved headers, headshots, or advertisements with custom image recognition. If branding consistency is important to your marketing compliance, this capability provides the visibility you need.

Photo of Custom Image Detection

Want to see how our compliance solution can help your team? Get in touch with us to request a consultation.

We are here to take the complexity out of compliance—offering both a seamless user experience and an impactful marketing compliance solution to ensure regulatory compliance for industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance and pharma. As you navigate Red Marker, be sure to check out other common questions answered directly by the support team.

Take control over your compliance outcomes with Red Marker. Discover how to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with marketing and advertising compliance regulations with our free Marketing Legal Toolkit. Want to see how Red Marker works? Book a consultation to see Red Marker’s Marketing Compliance software or contact us for any questions about capabilities, updates, and pricing.

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