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The Marketing Compliance Solution for Insurance

Any advertisement designed to promote insurance products, whether life, medical, dental, healthcare, automotive, or any other, must communicate information accurately and clearly to protect consumers. Red Marker’s solution aids insurers’ efforts to maintain marketing compliance with changing regulations through revolutionary technology. Our solution empowers marketing, legal and compliance teams to transition from labor-intensive, manual marketing compliance process to a streamlined, efficient automated approach.


“Using the [Red Marker] Word Add-In to identify and address compliance issues while we’re drafting and working on our documents really helps us to streamline the approval and get our material ready to go more quickly.”

Marketing User, Insurer (AU)

Mitigate Financial, Legal, and Brand Risks With Red Marker’s Compliance Solution

Insurers looking for the ideal marketing compliance management solution can create, review and approve compliant content more efficiently with the help of advanced risk detection. Red Marker’s API enhances the creation of compliant content by integrating seamlessly with a multitude of project management and web applications that marketing professionals use daily. While the review and approval of this content by legal and compliance teams are made efficient and straightforward through our user-friendly and intuitive in-app solution. 

Enforcement for insurance advertising violations goes beyond cease and desist orders. Insurers are at risk of civil penalties and even losing their license. Red Marker provides technology to transform your marketing compliance review process, and can help you mitigate these potential consequences.

Experience Red Marker’s Unique Advantages

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Protecting Consumers Through Compliance Accuracy

Regulatory bodies such as the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission aim to protect consumers. Red Marker uses powerful customized risk detection to’ analyze material and flag any misleading claims, missing disclaimers, and more. Our custom logic checks for organization and industry-specific risks, helping ensure that insurance customers receive transparent and precise information at every touchpoint.

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Uncompromized Advertising and Brand Consistency

Compliance is key in the insurance industry, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Maintaining brand consistency and preserving trust among your customers is equally critical. Red Marker works with you to develop the custom-logic that serves as a comprehensive automated checklist, ensuring your content aligns not only with regulatory stipulations but also with your unique brand guidelines. This means your brand’s tone of voice and narrative remains unified across all promotional and advertising materials.

Couple reviewing documents

Integration and Security You Can Trust

Red Marker is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing workflow and is particularly powerful when utilized by Marketing through integration with content creation tools such as Figma, Word, Powerpoint and Google Docs, or integrated with workflow and project management tools. Our robust API facilitates a smooth, interconnected ecosystem of compliant content creation and review. Moreover, we prioritize data security, implementing advanced security protocols to protect your sensitive information.

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"Tired eyes miss things....Red Marker looks at things with fresh eyes every time, calling out variations. That lets me focus on more complicated aspects of the review."

Marketing Manager Top Insurer (USA)

A Productivity Boost Like No Other


Red Marker’s automated analysis minimizes risks in promotional content, streamlines approvals, and frees your marketing team to focus on impactful strategies and creative.


Red Marker’s AI solution simplifies content review and correction, allowing your compliance and legal teams to operate efficiency and with high risk identification accuracy.

The result? Boosted productivity and a fast-tracked path to business growth.

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Why Use Red Marker?

Automating your marketing and legal review processes not only saves resources but also minimizes compliance risk. With Red Marker, insurers can transform marketing compliance efforts, saving up to 30x the time spent on manual review processes. You can also:

  • Identify and address misleading claims, high-risk phrasing, or inaccurate product information in real time. 
  • Improve review turnaround times and ensure increasingly compliant content. 
  • Streamline the regulatory approval process on promotional materials intended for distribution.

Seamless Integrations

Fast, accurate risk detection and feedback is available through the platforms and systems you already use daily, or contact us to discuss another tool we don’t have listed.



Red Marker's powerful AI and automation enables marketers to scan their content within their Figma canvas for legal, compliance and brand risks before submitting content to legal or compliance for review and approval.

Google Docs
Google Docs Integration with Red Marker

Google Docs

A perfect integration for Google Workspace users, the Google Docs extension speeds up content development by providing real-time compliance feedback directly into your working document.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Powerpoint integration with Red Marker

Microsoft PowerPoint

Ensure your advertising collateral is compliant before it’s sent to legal with Red Marker’s PowerPoint integration. While working on your presentation, users may prompt Red Marker to scan your content and apply your custom rules and risk detection logic to your document.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Integration with Red Marker

Microsoft Word

Speed up compliance review and accelerate your speed to market by deploying the Microsoft Word add-in. Marketing and legal professionals can apply custom risk detection to their content as they write it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Red Marker’s solutions adapt to changes in my marketing strategy?

Absolutely. Red Marker’s AI-driven compliance solution is based on custom logic, bespoke to your business needs. Designed to be flexible, we will work together to ensure any shifts in your marketing strategy, whether it’s a change in content style,  guidelines, or target audience, is incorporated by Red Marker.

Can Red Marker help navigate international regulations if we decide to expand our market?

Yes, Red Marker is designed to adapt to various international regulatory landscapes. If your company decides to expand into new markets, our custom risk identification can be updated to reflect the specific compliance requirements of those regions.

Does Red Marker provide any training or support to use its compliance solutions?

Yes, we offer comprehensive education and ongoing assistance to ensure you get the most out of our solutions. Our team is always available to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

You can email, or you can use our in-app support function to start a new conversation with us.

Dive Into Red Marker Resources

Taking the first step toward automated compliance? Not sure where to begin? Our guides to stronger, more efficient compliance workflows are here to help.