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Our goal is to help legal and compliance professionals employ more efficient workflows, create more time for strategic compliance work and ultimately, improve compliance outcomes.

To support this, our implementation consultants constantly monitor the latest project management and web applications to continue innovating on the Red Marker user experience. Here are some upcoming features that our users should look forward to utilizing next month:

ACA integration

ACA ComplianceAlpha Logo

To improve the efficiency of marketing review, we’ve created an opportunity for financial service professionals to merge Red Marker with ACA’s marketing review solution. This integration allows ACA ComplianceAlpha users to enable automated risk detection within their marketing material. No new training is necessary!

Contact Red Marker and your ACA account manager to set up the Red Marker integration.

Aprimo integration

Aprimo Logo

Taking content management to the next level, ad compliance and marketing legal professionals in enterprise organizations will love having a one-stop shop with the Red Marker and Aprimo integration. Aprimo users will be able to run automated risk detection on their marketing content in the same place they organize their digital content assets.

Contact Red Marker and your Aprimo account manager to set up the Red marker integration.

View our integrations and check back in about other upcoming features coming down the pipeline for Red marker users.

Have more questions about capabilities, updates, or pricing on our compliance software? Contact us and take a look at these common questions and their solutions from Red Marker support.

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