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Marketing Compliance Software

Automate the legal review of marketing content

Red Marker provides intelligent software to automate and optimize the legal review process for marketing content.

A simpler way to produce compliant content

Leverage AI to generate compliant copy, providing efficiency for marketing content creators.


Seamlessly create compliant content with Figma & Red Marker

Scan content within a Figma canvas for potential legal, compliance, and brand risks prior to submission,creating efficiency and protecting brand reputation with ease.

Advanced compliance for your marketing assets

AI based risk detection to
elevate legal review of marketing

Red Marker’s marketing compliance software identifies potential legal and brand risk in documents, enabling your team to scale the review of marketing content to ensure compliance.

Explore how companies are using our solution to better protect their company’s reputation and avoid financial loss.

Trusted around the world by businesses like yours

ISO 27001
Red Marker is compliant with ISO 27001

Compliance Capabilities designed for marketing & legal professionals

Red Marker gives marketing and legal teams the power to control compliance outcomes.

Custom logic helps users adhere to industry-specific requirements like FCA regulations or promote market fairness by ensuring FINRA compliance.

Critical compliance tasks like checking for disclosures and disclaimers or maintaining brand consistency are done simply and instantly.

Broadly applicable for safer & more compliant content

In any highly regulated industry marketing, marketing and legal teams struggle to keep up with content velocity and evolving regulations. Red Marker promotes more efficient workflows in every sector, giving users the power to ensure only compliant content reaches the market.

integration partners

Integrations to enhance everyday workflow

With an extensive set of integrations to enhance productivity and improve project management, Red Marker enables you to leave the worries of complicated compliance to us, delivering real-time feedback through the platforms and systems you use every day.

Discover the ways that your company can improve compliance processes by easily integrating with Red Marker.

ROI of Compliance

Red Marker does eliminate having to focus time on many of the requirements so that we can concentrate our review on the legal issues that require judgment."

Senior Paralegal Fortune 500 Health Insurance Company (USA)

What's the return
on investment?

When you ensure the compliance of your marketing and advertising  content, you position your brand to safely perform at its maximum potential.

Discover how Red Marker enabled one of Australia’s largest financial service businesses to cut operational costs and increase efficiency. Download the guide below to learn more about the ROI for marketing compliance software.

Red Marker resources
Review more Red Marker resources to create stronger, more efficient compliance workflows.

Red Marker resources

New to automated compliance? If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our available guides to stronger, more efficient compliance workflows.