Marketing compliance solutions for the telecom industry

To ensure fair competition in the evolving telecommunications sector, regulators are continually adding new guidelines and expanding the parameters that define what an ‘advertisement’ is to protect consumers. By addressing a variety of compliance challenges in the telecommunications sector, legal and marketing teams will have the ability to meet content demand while lawfully advertising to their target audiences.

Avoid financial, brand, & legal risk and increase speed-to-market with Red Marker’s telecom compliance solution

Telecom companies heavily leverage digital advertising to create as many touches with customers as possible. With support from Red Marker’s API, content creation and review workflows are enhanced through a variety of available integrations to accelerate speed-to-market and ensure marketing compliance. Using custom logic, promotional and marketing content is automatically scanned for risk against industry-specific rules and requirements.

Remaining compliant with changing digital advertising guidelines is easy with Red Marker’s AI-driven risk detection software.

Telecom industry Compliance Monitoring

Compliance challenges in the telecom industry

Acceptable advertising practices in the Telecom industry continue to change to protect consumers’ privacy and their ability to make informed purchasing decisions. Marketers must ensure all promotions, prizes and disclaimers are clear, understandable and legible. Additionally, marketers must be mindful of making unsubstantiated claims about their speed, coverage, or other performance characteristics of their product.

Telecom industry professionals collaborating
Co-workers reviewing marketing content to ensure compliance with telecom industry advertising regulations

Consistency with full coverage over advertising and branded content

Beyond managing evolving regulatory requirements, telecommunication companies are highly concerned with ensuring brand consistency and building customer loyalty. To ensure all promotional and advertising material is compliant and meets brand guidelines, Red Marker offers automated legal and brand checklists. Through machine learning and advanced scanning capabilities, Red Marker analyzes both images and text for critical compliance elements and flags for potential risk.

Financial Marketing Professional reviewing advertising collateral to ensure compliance with industry advertising regulations

Documents can be reviewed quicker as the AI can help zero in on potential problems quicker.

Advertising Compliance Analyst Financial Services Company (USA)

Why use Red Marker?

Up to 30 times faster than manual review alone, Red Marker can help telecommunications companies remain competitive and transparent to consumers.

  • Automate the legal review process for marketing content and manage disclaimers, phrasing, and other content requirements all in one place
  • Reduce the time it takes for legal compliance teams to review marketing and promotional materials
  • Help content creators easily address issues such as misleading product claims, missing disclosures, high-risk phrasing or inaccurate pricing on promotional material to ensure consumers make informed purchasing decisions
  • Improve content turnaround times and ensure that marketing is making better, more compliant content to ensure the safety of consumers
  • Maintain full control over brand and advertising content standards