Marketers are the content keepers. Their efforts mean the difference between promoting a brand and never reaching the market.

From a compliance perspective, marketers keep brands in good standing with regulators. They must efficiently manage compliance feedback, adjust content to meet the necessary requirements, and work closely with product and legal teams to ensure only compliant content gets published.

If you’re entrusted with producing content on behalf of your brand, it’s important that your workflows, checklists, and processes are dynamic and optimized. With constantly shifting regulations and the looming potential of incurring damages, brands can’t afford to leave their marketers to fend for themselves without support.

Explore the pain points of content and legal review and how Red Marker can help marketers more easily control compliance outcomes while improving cross-department efficiency.

Marketers’ Compliance Checklist

No matter what content is being created, there are several compliance issues that marketers consistently need to revisit with a fine tooth comb. Here are some of the most important pieces that make up a thorough marketing compliance checklist.

  • Disclosures and disclaimers
  • Product information and pricing
  • Offensive/misleading claims
  • Branding elements (logos, colors, fonts)
  • Product and service risks
  • Special offers
  • Privacy issues
  • Age-appropriate materials and images

Knowing which compliance factors to look out for is only half the battle. Although marketers know what to adjust, they may not have the workflow structure in place to receive and apply real-time compliance feedback. If there are any oversights in the legal review process, it will reflect in penalties from regulatory bodies.

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How Can Marketers Evaluate Efficiency in Marketing Legal Review?

In order to achieve marketing compliance, the process that the marketing and legal teams adhere to must allow for seamless cross-department collaboration and easily integrate with the same applications teams use every day. As a marketer, ask yourself the following questions to get a clearer picture of how effective current efforts to remain compliant are:

  • Is there a formal workflow between marketing and compliance?
  • Are you using technology to manage reviews and workflows?
  • How is compliance feedback delivered and addressed in a timely manner?
  • Do you contribute to checking for compliance issues?

If there are opportunities for improvement, Red Marker’s risk detection platform supports marketers all along the content creation and legal review journey. Using AI and automation, the system delivers real-time compliance feedback directly in working documents to help proactively address potential risk. Additionally, Red Marker offers improved marketing and legal workflows through seamless integrations with a variety of project and content management platforms.

Streamline Content and Legal Review with Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Red Marker helps brands keep up with the growing demand for digital advertising, conducting legal review up to 30X faster than manual review. Marketers using Red Marker’s compliance technology can benefit from automated legal or brand checklists to take the headache out of managing an ever-changing manual compliance checklist. With convenient integrations with popular applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Red Marker can deliver real-time compliance feedback directly into the documents teams are working in. Additionally, sophisticated capabilities like custom image recognition and advanced web content compliance monitoring technology give marketers complete oversight of their brand’s digital content.

Here are some other helpful features to ensure marketing compliance:

  • Advanced logic and external data retrieval
  • Custom logo detection
  • Disclaimer library
  • Sentence similarity rules
  • Enhanced user management

Integrating with Red Marker all depends on the maturity of your current marketing compliance review process. Depending on where automated reviews fit in the process, organizations generally take one of three approaches when getting started.

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How Organizations Leverage Red Marker Automated Review

Integrating with Red Marker all depends on the maturity of your current marketing compliance review process. Depending on where automated reviews fit in the process, organizations generally take one of three approaches when getting started.

Option 1: Flexible Approach – Automated Review at Any stage

If an organization already has an established compliance checklist that marketers can utilize, Red Marker can be incorporated into any stage in the review process without creating extra steps. Evaluations related to compliance are done faster, and marketing teams can address issues prior to formal review when automated triggers are initiated.

Option 2: Standalone Approach – Designated Review System

In this approach, the marketing team does not participate in compliance review and instead, the legal team completes review within their standalone system. After content is uploaded to the system, a detailed report is generated that highlights compliance issues with annotated PDF to help legal save time on simple issues like disclaimers. This is best for organizations that are still in the initial stages of building automated reviews and rule logic.

Option 3: Stage Gate Approach – Formal Review Stage

If neither of these approaches work, the stage gate approach holds the Marketing Review Management Tool (MRM) responsible for reviewing the content for potential risk, which requires more complex workflows. Content that has risks identified in the automated review is sent back to marketing to update. Organizations that have already implemented the above two approaches tend to utilize this method.

With Red Marker, marketers can rest assured that their efforts to manage risk at any stage will pay off. When utilized to its full capability, the regulatory and efficiency benefits offer untapped cost savings opportunities within your annual spending.

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