Marketer's Compliance Checklist 

Maintaining Marketing Compliance

No matter what content is being created, there are several compliance issues that marketers consistently need to revisit with a fine-tooth comb. Here are some of the most important pieces that make up a thorough marketing compliance checklist.

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Product Information & Pricing

Pricing should directly relate to the product advertised and directly impacts the success of your business.  When utilized to its full capability, Red Marker’s regulatory and efficiency benefits offer untapped cost savings opportunities within your annual spending.

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Branding Elements

Your brand represents your business, so it’s essential to ensure all departments consistently match branding through marketing guidelines. Red Marker helps brands keep up with the growing demand for digital advertising, conducting legal review up to 30X faster than manual review.

Understand Product and Service Risks

Special Offers

If a customer decides to pursue a special offer your business is providing, everything must be accurate. Marketers using Red Marker’s compliance technology can benefit from automated legal or brand checklists to take the headache out of managing an ever-changing manual marketing compliance checklist.

How Privacy Impacts Businesses

Age-Appropriate Materials and Images

Monitoring content and design on your website to ensure they meet all age compliance is of the utmost importance. Sophisticated capabilities like custom image recognition and advanced web content compliance monitoring technology give marketers complete oversight of their brand’s digital content.

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