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The Latest News from Red Marker

It is now easier that ever for organisations to get started with Red Marker! We are extremely excited to announce the launch of two new offerings that reduce setup time, allowing clients to get started in as little as a single day.

The first of these is our first ever out-of-the-box marketing compliance solution. We combine best practice risk detection logic into a solution for a diversity of industries, allowing clients to scan marketing content for high-risk phrases, banned words, incorrect disclaimers, and more! In addition, clients can now simply email content to Red Marker for instant review – almost like having an in-house colleague to do it for them.

These new offerings mean clients can get set up on Red Marker quicker than ever. By simply emailing their draft PDF marketing content to Red Marker, clients will receive a fully annotated response showing exactly what content needs reviewing, where that content is, and how to fix it.

On top of these great new features, Red Marker will also be offering free marketing automation consultations for organisations, which includes a marketing compliance maturity assessment and tailored recommendations at no cost during these difficult times.

Current climate requires companies to use technology to monitor marketing and advertising

Red Marker COO Mark Wood said the platform was ideal for legal and marketing experts who are dissatisfied with slow and manual legal review processes.

“In today’s environment, there is increased financial pressure to do more with less in legal teams who are already restricted by headcount. Combine this with the fact consumers react faster than ever across social media to deceptive and misleading content”, he said.

“Flexible cloud computing and exponential development in AI means this technology is now available at a low enough cost point to introduce powerful automation and risk detection to legal teams.

“We help organisations transform manual, paper-based checklists and processes into automated risk detection”.

Red Marker meets demand for marketing compliance technology across industries and the globe

Initially geared towards the Australian financial services sector, demand for targeted risk detection has meant Red Marker has broadened its offering to a diverse range of industries.

“We are working with organisations across retail banking, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, financial advice and food and beverage,” Mr Wood said.

“Red Marker can design compliance solutions for all industries, building custom risk detection to look for industry-specific and client-specific risks in content, images and websites.

“Red Marker has now also expanded its operations to the United States and the United Kingdom.”

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