FCA Compliance Software

Keep your marketing FCA compliant to protect your customers and your brand.

The watchdog of the UK’s financial sector is increasing pressure on firms that use misleading or unfair communications and advertising practices.

In the interest of maintaining the market’s integrity, the FCA is closely monitoring promotions and the compliance approval processes that firms employ, particularly with the introduction of Consumer Duty. Red Marker provides marketing compliance software tailored to each client’s needs individually, empowering marketing, legal, and compliance teams to proactively manage marketing risk and monitor content in a scalable and efficient manner.

Time to invest in your marketing compliance process

  • Consumers may base their decisions on financial promotions alone, leading them to purchase financial products that don’t suit their needs; this can result in various disciplinary actions, including suspensions, substantial fines, and diminished brand reputation for firms whose marketing is non-compliant.
  • There is a clear need for an organised compliance approval process that can quickly react to shifting regulatory requirements at scale, a need that marketing compliance solutions can efficiently meet.
  • Using custom risk detection and powerful automation, Red Marker enables marketers to streamline compliant content development and empowers legal and compliance to review content 30x faster than manual efforts, enhancing efficiency.

Automate your marketing compliance efforts with Red Marker

When creating financial promotions in the fast-paced digital age,  businesses must be confident that their review processes are reliable and scalable to protect their customers and brand.

FCA Compliance Solutions

Create compliant promotional content and significantly improve your marketing review process

Marketing users can conduct a first-line review using our bespoke conditional logic to identify potential risk elements based on internal guidelines, enabling faster amendment and providing more compliant content for review.

Red Marker can be integrated into your existing marketing content review processes through content creation and project management tools, providing transparency and momentum through each stage of approval.

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