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Red Marker’s bespoke Web Reports service makes auditing your business’s online presence effortless. By leveraging the power of our AI technology, we meticulously scan the web domains of your choice — helping you manage risk while ensuring brand and regulatory compliance. 

The Challenge

With the internet as the global marketplace, online marketing and advertising initiatives are multiplying, resulting in a surge of content that requires constant monitoring. For industries like finance and insurance, this involves constant updates to time-sensitive, high-risk  information such as promotional end dates or interest rates.

Traditional methods of compliance tracking are labor-intensive, error-prone, and resource-heavy — leading to potential delays. Legal and compliance teams, particularly, grapple with ensuring that live web content remains accurate and in line with regulations.

Red Marker’s Web Reports are an efficient, AI-powered solution, offering a reliable way to monitor known and unknown domains, and manage live web content, freeing your team to focus on more strategic activity.

How It Works

Our platform combines machine learning with advanced web content scanning, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements with none of the manual effort.

Each report is tailored to your business needs, focusing on legal, compliance, and brand guidelines. Our robust technology makes it possible to scrutinize thousands of web pages in a fraction of the time a manual review would take.

Your Journey with Red Marker

Here’s what to expect when you partner with us for Web Reports.

Initial consultation

Begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your specific needs, challenges, and business objectives. We discuss your risk appetite, legal considerations based on your location, and brand standards to provide a tailored solution.

Setting up the system

After understanding your specific needs, we help you set up the rules and triggers in our AI-powered system to identify risks in your online marketing content.

Selecting domains

Provide the domains for Red Marker to scan or request a separate proactive identification of websites that mention your products and services.

Comprehensive web scanning

Our software will then diligently scan the selected web content for language and elements that don’t meet your specified standards.

Monthly Web Reports

Receive a monthly summary and analysis, providing full coverage of your brand’s online compliance. These reports offer detailed insights, flagging instances of non-compliance or potential risk against set standards.

Review and adjust

Review the reports and feedback, and make necessary adjustments to your marketing strategies. Our platform also allows for seamless adjustments to your compliance rules as your business evolves.

Ongoing support and optimization

Benefit from our dedicated Customer Success team to ensure you continue to maximise the benefits of the Web Reports and that risks identified are always those most relevant to your business.

Discover the Red Marker Advantage

Our tool leverages AI to deliver precise, efficient, and proactive risk detection, giving you peace of mind and time back in your day. Here are the key outcomes you can expect from our software.

Proactive Compliance Risk Management

With Red Marker, you’re not just reacting to potential compliance issues, you’re staying one step ahead. We are trusted by clients to regularly check thousands of web pages for high-risk content like out-of-date promotions, incorrect disclaimers, and misleading phrasing.

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Enable efficient and proactive content audits of live websites

Complete Web Compliance Coverage

Red Marker’s technology can scan any website, identifying risky content using consistent rules. Monthly Web Reports offer detailed insights, providing full coverage of your brand’s online compliance.

Red Marker AI Performance Dashboard
Be confident your domains, and 3rd party sites, get reviewed for non-compliance

Customized Web Content Review

Our platform is designed to meet your unique needs. Based on your risk appetite, industry requirements, and brand standards, Red Marker flags instances of non-compliance, errors, missing information or potential risk. Red Marker checks that your products and services are described in a similar way on any website you need to monitor and share matching information with.

Document Scanning for Marketing Compliance - Platform Screenshot
All risks are quickly custom built for your websites

Seamless Integrations

Our Web Reports provide rigorous audits of your live web content. But that’s not all we offer. We also help optimize your pre-publication process. With Red Marker, you can integrate compliance checks directly into your existing workflow tools, catching potential issues before publication.

This early intervention means quicker content approval and a smoother process overall. So, if you like our Web Reports for auditing published content, you’ll appreciate our integrations for reviewing content before it goes live.

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Secure Data Handling

At Red Marker, your data’s security is our top priority. With our ISO 27001 certification and a dedicated security portal, we guarantee unmatched protection for your data. Trust us to simplify compliance complexities while ensuring your data’s safety.

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