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To accelerate the legal review process for marketing content, Red Marker has two distinct offerings: Document Scanning and Web Reports.

Learn more about these custom solutions or request information on the pricing.

Document Scanning

Red Marker’s Document Scanning software harnesses the power of AI to automate the legal review process. With the capacity to scan hundreds of documents for legal compliance risk in a matter of seconds, Red Marker helps your teams work faster and at scale to address and resolve risky language on drafted advertising and marketing materials.

Our document scanning software is bespoke to the unique needs of your business, request a quote for your business here.

  • High-Performance Risk Detection
  • Benefits & Deliverables
  • Ongoing Training & Support

High-Performance Risk Detection

Our document scanning software takes the burden off of compliance teams by processing files across hundreds of compliance rule categories. By detecting words or images deemed high-risk in the context of those rules, Red Marker analyzes:

  • Branding and images
  • Misleading phrases
  • Banned words
  • High-risk words/phrases
  • Unclear promotions
  • Incorrect or missing disclaimers
  • Custom risks unique to your business

Benefits & Deliverables

With support for numerous file types, and an API allowing seamless integration with 3rd-party tools, Red Marker makes it easy to deploy compliance accuracy into your review process. On-demand reporting features provide your company with actionable insights as content moves between marketing and legal teams, and can be accessed from around the globe.

Ongoing Training & Support

Our priority is providing you with a simple, powerful tool that can be easily deployed across your organization. A dedicated client success manager is assigned to each Red Marker account to help customize the software’s rules for your specific needs, as well as assisting you with questions and ongoing educational support.

Web Reports

The internet can be a blind spot in the realm of marketing compliance, yet your web presence carries the same legal weight as any other publication. Gain visibility into your risk exposure with Red Marker’s Web Reports. By monitoring both your own websites and third party websites, Red Marker’s automation software keeps risk at bay while creating powerful efficiencies in the marketing review process.

Web Reports are built to fit your requirements, request a quote for your business here.

  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Web Compliance Coverage
  • Customized Content Review

Compliance Risk Management

Address compliance risk before it becomes a problem. The Red Marker system scans thousands of pages for words and phrases that can damage your brand and put you at risk for regulatory compliance damages.

Redmarker’s Web Reporting can detect:

  • Misleading phrases
  • Banned words
  • High risk words
  • Out-of-date promotions
  • Incorrect disclaimers
  • Inconsistent branding

Web Compliance Coverage

Red Marker’s Web Reporting monitors your websites along with third party websites for instances of branded risk, automatically delivering detected risk in monthly reports. All of our Web Reports packages come standard with CSV or PDF reports, and have multi-language functionality.

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Customized Content Review

Red Marker’s system checks thousands of web pages for high-risk content that can be customized around your company’s industry-specific requirements, brand standards, and tolerance for risk using conditional logic. It offers full coverage over brand compliance while providing faster and more efficient web content review processes.

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