Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about marketing compliance and how Red Marker’s technology meets the needs of today’s marketing and legal professionals.


How secure is Red Marker?

At Red Marker, we understand that our solution plays a crucial role in helping our customers protect their most important resources, their customers and their brand.

We take this responsibility seriously and use secure engineering principles to build our services, architecture, software, and systems. Security principles are incorporated into our software systems from the earliest development opportunity.

For more information on our security, visit Red Marker’s Security Centre here.

What does Red Marker do?

Red Marker reduces the time, effort and cost of your marketing legal process by automating the identification of compliance issues, thereby reducing the time required for manual review. We focus on two key areas: ensuring content compliance in documents, pre-publication, and scanning published webpages for instances of content risk.

Marketing content

We use custom logic and automation to analyze marketing and advertising content for compliance risk, fitting seamlessly into your workflow to manage the compliance review process. Find out more.


Our web scanning service is thorough and comprehensive, scanning owned domains or partner sites for specified content to meet your unique compliance and legal needs. Find out more.

Who uses Red Marker’s compliance platform?

Red Marker is used by legal, compliance, and marketing professionals working in regulated industries, including financial services (banking, asset/wealth management, investment, financial advice), insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and more. Find out more about the industries we service here.

What sets Red Marker’s technology apart?

Red Marker helps heavily regulated businesses scale internal legal reviews of digital advertising and marketing content, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations and protecting their customers and reputation.

Our technology leverages a combination of custom logic and powerful automation to detect legal and compliance risks in marketing assets, and provides consistent, actionable feedback 6x faster* than manual review methods, saving legal teams around 8 hours* of review time, per marketing campaign.

Find out more about our solutions for marketing contentwebsites, and legal compliance teams.

What is marketing compliance technology?

Marketing compliance technology is technology that improves the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of the marketing legal and compliance review process. Red Marker is marketing compliance technology that reduces the time, effort and cost of your marketing legal process.

Find out more about our solutions for marketing contentwebsites, and legal compliance teams.

What is Regtech?

RegTech is short for Regulatory Technology, which is an emerging field of technology that enhances regulatory and compliance processes. Red Marker is a RegTech that reduces the time, effort, and cost of your marketing legal process.

We are also a founding member of the RegTech Association – a global network driving the adoption of RegTech solutions. Find out more about the RegTech association here.

What is LegalTech and LawTech?

Who better to ask than the Law Society in the UK? “LawTech [and LegalTech] is the term the Law Society uses to describe technologies that aim to support, supplement or replace traditional methods for delivering legal services”. LawTech covers a wide range of tools and processes, such as:

  • Document automation
  • Advanced chatbots and practice management tools
  • Predictive artificial intelligence
  • Smart legal contracts
  • Knowledge management and research systems

The LawTech sector consists of law firms delivering legal services through technology, and the vendors that develop and supply technology solutions to those firms. Systems are already available that can draft documents, undertake legal research, disclose documents in litigation, perform due diligence and provide legal guidance, and resolve disputes online”.

Do you need a legal background to be able to use the platform?

The Red Marker Platform is best used by subject matter experts who understand the marketing and website content, but you don’t have to have a legal background to use it. Content creators, marketing professionals, and legal and compliance experts can all use Red Marker. Red Marker can be used by expert legal and compliance reviewers to deliver high quality reviews, quicker and more consistently. For content creators, Red Marker can be used to review draft marketing content, reducing back and forth between compliance and marketing.

Hear more about our clients here.

Does Red Marker provide training?

Red Marker provides support to all our clients ongoing.

Red Marker offers group training and 1:1 training depending on the service you have. To find out what training is included in each service, see our pricing page.

You can email or you can use our in-app support function to start a new conversation with us.

You can also use our in-app support service to search for support articles yourself, or you can find our whole catalogue here.

How easy is it to implement the platform and get started?

Red Marker is a customized risk detection solution that enables your organization to benefit from robust, scalable marketing compliance reviews that are deeply aligned with your internal legal and brand guidelines and objectives.

Red Marker’s dedicated Client Success and Implementation teams apply and customize rules and requirements, developing custom logic triggers to identify risks in marketing and advertising content relevant to you.

We require an hour a week of your time for 6-8 weeks to ensure that your rules and triggers are performing as you require. Learn more here.

Can the Risk Detection be changed after they have been built?

Yes it can. Ongoing optimisation of custom risk detection is included in your licensing fees.

What ongoing support does Red Marker provide?

Red Marker provides ongoing support for all clients. You can email, or you can use our in-app support function to start a conversation with us. You can also leverage our wealth of support articles, find our whole catalogue here.

How do I book a demo of the Red Marker compliance platform?

We have personnel stationed in our key jurisdictions—the UK, US, and
Australia, available to provide in-person or virtual support as needed. To book a consultation, get in touch here.

What is Red Marker’s Domain Discovery?

Domain Discovery is a comprehensive tool that finds domains and ads on the internet using techniques that mirror consumer behaviour. It is far more than a brand search tool and can locate websites, Facebook Pages, or Google Ads. Typically, Domain Discovery finds content, which is then analyzed by Red Marker Risk Detection, ensuring a thorough and detailed analysis.

This customizable capability is configured to search for criteria according to your needs, with the ability to adjust scenarios, keywords, and parameters. Domain Discovery can be used across location/regions, content types (e.g., ads vs. organic), and can search within websites (e.g., Facebook).

Where is Red Marker hosted?

Red Marker is hosted from different locations depending on the client’s location. See the details below:

  • AWS hosting region for the United States: US East (N. Virginia), disaster recovery US West (Oregon)
  • AWS hosting region for Australia: Asia Pacific (Sydney), disaster recovery Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  • AWS hosting region for Europe, Middle East and Africa: Europe West (London), disaster recovery Europe West (Ireland)
What is RiskGPT?

Our RiskGPT feature utilizes generative AI to suggest compliant replacement copy, learn more about RiskGPT via the dedicated FAQs found here.

*This number is based on client feedback, experience, and assumptions around campaign sizing for an average Red Marker client and only indicates potential speed and process improvements. Please contact us directly for a more accurate measure for your business