Advertising Compliance Monitoring

Avoid false advertising with compliance automation

Simply having a disclosure or disclaimer is not enough to ensure compliance with advertising laws and regulations.

Human error can cause missteps in the content review process and lead to fines for false advertising and cost companies their reputation with loyal customers.

Red Marker’s AI-driven risk detection platform can help you streamline your legal content review process to avoid false advertising claims and other failures to be in compliance with regulations by identifying potentially risky content in promotional copy.


Disclaimers make up 50% of the items in legal and compliance checklists. Save your valuable resources.

  • Disclosures and disclaimers must satisfy FTC and FDA advertising regulations, especially in regulated industries such as Financial Services.
  • Successful compliance review mitigates the risk of unclear or inaccurate consumer-facing information and ensures advertising and marketing content is aligned with brand messaging.
  • The Red Marker platform focuses on outcomes, automatically checking for the presence and readability of like disclosures and disclaimers in real-time, completing compliance reviews as much as 30x faster than a human reviewer.


Instantly create efficiency in your legal review process with Red Marker

Compliance and legal teams struggle to keep up with the amount of advertising content being produced. Our advertising compliance software can help you transform inefficient paper-based processes quickly and easily.


Here’s how our “out-of-the-box” advertising compliance solution works:

  • Best practice risk detection logic can be applied using a set of custom rules for a diversity of industries

  • You can quickly scan marketing content for high-risk phrases, attempted qualifications, incorrect disclaimers, and other red flags.

  • You can also make Red Marker an extension of your team by emailing content to us as needed for instant review.


Review and create more compliant promotional material faster with Red Marker

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