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Marketing compliance for the insurance industry

Any advertisement designed to promote insurance offerings and products must be communicated accurately and clearly to protect consumers. Red Marker’s solution supports insurers in their efforts to maintain marketing compliance with changing regulations. Through AI, machine learning capabilities, and access to an API for improved workflow integrations, insurers can feel confident in their compliance outcomes.

Enforcement for insurance advertising violations goes beyond cease and desist orders. Insurers are at risk of civil penalties and even the loss of their license.

Avoid financial, legal and brand risk and keep the market safe for consumers with Red Marker’s compliance solution.

Insurers looking for the ideal marketing compliance management solution will be able to create more compliant content faster with the help of advanced risk detection. Red Marker’s API delivers better workflows by integrating with a range of project management and web applications that marketing and legal professionals use every day.

woman working on computer

“Using the [Red Marker] Word Add-In to identify and address compliance issues while we’re drafting and working on our documents really helps us to streamline the approval and get our material ready to go more quickly.”

Marketing User Insurer, AU

Compliance challenges in the insurance sector

Whether marketing material is produced directly by the insurance provider or an agency, all advertisements must undergo a thorough compliance review. Technology is offering new opportunities to advertise in a variety of mediums, and the scope of what is considered ‘misleading’ is continually changing. Marketers and legal professionals need a compliance solution to address all the factors—from disclaimers to certifications.

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Protecting consumers through compliance accuracy

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission work to regulate the insurance industry but most importantly, to protect consumers. Red Marker is a ‘spell check’ for compliance, analyzing and identifying any instances of misleading claims, missing disclaimers, and more. With custom logic, Red Marker checks for industry-specific risk elements to ensure consumers are receiving all the information they need.

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"Tired eyes miss things....Red Marker looks at things with fresh eyes every time, calling out variations. That lets me focus on more complicated aspects of the review."

Marketing Manager Top Insurer (USA)

Why use Red Marker?

Automating marketing and legal review is simple, and will save on company resources while avoiding compliance risk. Up to 30 times faster than manual review alone, insurers can better manage their marketing compliance efforts at scale. 

  • Reduce the time it takes for legal compliance teams to review marketing, promotional, and advertising materials
  • Help content creators address issues in real time such as misleading claims, high-risk phrasing or inaccurate product information on promotional material to ensure consumers make informed purchasing decisions
  • Improve content turnaround times and ensure that marketing is making better, more compliant content
  • Streamline the formal regulatory approval process on submitted promotional materials intended for distribution