Achieve compliance with local and national food advertising regulations

Food and beverage marketers are in need of a streamlined solution to help them meet current regulatory requirements and manage content approval workflows. Capable of supporting large-scale, multi-channel marketing initiatives, Red Marker’s marketing compliance software introduces increased efficiency into legal and marketing review processes for maximum control at today’s food and beverage companies.

Take marketing compliance seriously and avoid false food advertising claims

One of the keys to thriving in the food and beverage industry is for companies’ consumer-facing messaging – including product labels – to remain in compliance at all times with food advertising guidelines and regulations from groups such as the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Start implementing your own checklist of rules and automate marketing and legal review of any type or format of content to automatically ensure your brand messaging and disclaimers are accurate and compliant. 

Marketing Compliance Solutions for Every Industry

The average cost of a food recall can cost companies millions of dollars.

Maximizing compliance control & preventing false advertising

The FDA is not the only organization concerned with your product’s messaging; even your competition can hold you accountable for false advertising. The U.S. Supreme Court, for example, ruled in favor of POM Wonderful for a false advertising lawsuit they brought against Coca-Cola, their competitor, for misleading consumers with messaging on a juice label. The competitive nature of the food and beverage industry forces marketers to conduct a detailed review of any content used within their marketing and advertising campaigns to ensure that their messaging is accurate and transparent, and avoid litigation or potential fines in the future.

Food & Beverage Industry Compliance Marketing Solutions
Marketer in Food & Beverage Industry managing compliance efforts

Minimize regulatory risk in the food & beverage sector

Red Marker’s compliance software can instantly help your legal and marketing team check for industry-specific risk elements and share detailed insights on areas of misleading phrasing or unclear communications. Using sophisticated scanning technology, Red Marker can scan thousands of pages of content to ensure all of your brand and marketing material is consistent and accurate.

Financial Marketing Professional reviewing advertising collateral to ensure compliance with industry advertising regulations

“Red Marker helped ensure necessary disclosures were present and consistent.”

Marketing Compliance Manager Global Asset Management Company (USA)

Why use Red Marker?

Red Marker’s software can automatically review food and beverage companies’ compliance checklists to avoid losing millions in consumer loyalty due to a recall. 30 times faster than manual review alone, marketers will finally be able to keep up with the accelerated rate of product development.

  • Reduce the time it takes for legal compliance teams to review marketing materials and promotional disclaimers.
  • Help content creators address issues such as unclear sentences or high-risk phrasing on labels and promotional material to ensure consumers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Improve content turnaround times and ensure that marketing is making better, more compliant content for beverage and food advertising campaigns
  • Streamline the approval process on submitted promotional materials intended for distribution