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Since 2013, we’ve provided many leading US organizations with a revolutionary way to handle their marketing legal reviews.

Our unique marketing compliance software is designed for large organisations operating in highly regulated industries (such as financial services and healthcare), and who are dealing with rising volumes of consumer marketing across digital channels, but finding current processes inefficient.

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Red Marker transforms and enriches the advertising and marketing compliance process for Marketing, Compliance and legal teams alike, ensuring you have the technology to keep pace with escalating volumes of content creation, expectations around levels of compliance, and speed.

Banking & Finance

Redefine your banking and finance review practices

Take control of your marketing and brand content and the process it undergoes for legal compliance review. The Red Marker system can automatically check if disclaimers are compliant with regulatory standards, and identify high-risk phrases or misleading statements.


Transparent, accurate advertising reviews

In the complex world of insurance, a single word out of place could mean a significant compliance misstep. Bolster messaging accuracy and readability, build customer trust and ensure your communications remain on the right side of regulations.


Connect faster to market without dropping the call on compliance

With our technology, marketers can efficiently manage content requirements, speeding up approvals, while compliance teams can swiftly identify potential issues. It’s time to upgrade your marketing compliance to give you a clear signal to success.


Prescribe your marketing success with accurate compliance

In the medical and life sciences industry, every communication and every claim must meet stringent regulations. Navigate this high-stakes landscape confidently, delivering compliant and compelling messaging that resonates with the audience.


Drive marketing compliance into the future

Whether you’re launching a new vehicle or promotional offer, the need for compliance is non-negotiable. Ensure the process to legal approval for each campaign runs smoothly – reaching your audience without delay.

Food & Beverage

Consistent, configurable compliance review processes

Whether it’s launching a new product, promoting a seasonal special, or ensuring nutritional claims are present, protect your consumers and ensure your F&B communications are always at the highest level of compliance.

Asset Management professional


Boost the delivery of compliant promotional material

In an industry where regulations strive to keep pace with innovations, keeping marketing and advertising compliant is crucial. Manage your fast-evolving marketing strategies efficiently, ensuring they align seamlessly with the latest guidelines.

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We are the only automated compliance solution to meet the needs of marketing, legal and compliance teams, allowing fast, efficient assessment of risk in marketing material.

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