Manage compliance review for pharmaceutical marketing

Red Marker addresses a variety of compliance challenges in the pharmaceutical and life science sector with cutting-edge AI technology designed to seamlessly support legal and marketing teams with their regulatory initiatives, including MLR.

Go from crisis management to compliance management

Settlements for violating pharma marketing regulations have reached into the billions

Using a highly advanced and customizable interface, both marketing and legal teams have the tools they need to ensure compliance in the rapidly changing regulatory environment of the Pharmaceutical sector. With Red Marker, enterprises can integrate powerful compliance management software into their existing advertising and promotional content review workflows to promote efficiency, reduce risk, and proactively address regulatory requirements.

Compliance challenges in the pharmaceutical sector

Regulations are becoming increasingly stringent and pharmaceutical manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the breadth of requirements impacting their advertising and promotional labeling. In the competitive Pharma landscape, companies need an automated solution to more effectively utilize their resources and pass MLR review smoothly.

Legal compliance team using Red Marker to review advertising content

I appreciate having Red Marker as a safety net. It gives me confidence that I didn’t miss anything. It is such a fast, easy step to the process. It adds value to the process.

Compliance User Insurer, US

Pharma and Medical Industry professionals happy with Red Marker's AI Marketing Compliance Solution

Alleviating regulatory roadblocks

Red Marker’s platform helps pharmaceutical companies meet requirements set by regulatory authorities—the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the U.S., EU Member States in Europe, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. Applying custom logic, Red Marker checks for industry-specific risk elements like misleading claims and unclear communications around drug indications or side effects.

Why use Red Marker?

Biologist Inspecting organisms under a microscope

“Red Marker helped ensure necessary disclosures were present and consistent.”

Marketing Compliance Manager Global Asset Management Company (USA)

Through machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, our automated risk detection solution reviews marketing, advertising and promotional communications to effectively mitigate risk and enhance the MLR review process. Increased efficiencies in your workflow will:

  • Reduce the time it takes to review materials on behalf of the legal compliance teams
  • Help content creators address easily fixed issues such as unclear drug indications, false advertising and incorrect information that doesn’t allow consumers to make informed decisions about drug products
  • Improve content turnaround times and ensure that marketing is making better, more compliant content to ensure the safety of consumers
  • Streamline the regulator’s approval process on submitted promotional materials intended for dissemination