Scan Marketing Content for Risk

Elevate your marketing review process with Red Marker’s sophisticated AI-powered software.

At the click of a button, content is analyzed for instant risk feedback providing marketing, legal and compliance teams with the ability to evaluate and approve promotional content swiftly and efficiently.

The Power of Automated Review

Leverage the intelligent features of Red Marker to ensure advertising and marketing content meets all brand and regulatory requirements. 

With the ability to handle various file types and the option to seamlessly integrate into existing tech tools, our effective solution helps you to build a reliable compliance safety net in your marketing review processes that is up to 30 times faster than traditional manual review.

From Reactive to Proactive

In addition to the traditional model of review used by compliance and legal, we are now empowering marketing teams to actively self-review and amend content for compliance before submitting for final approval.

The capacity to rectify risks before submission transforms the review process from defensive to a preventative approach .

With our AI-powered platform taking on the heavy lifting of risk identification, we complement and enhance legal and compliance expertise and processes in distinct, beneficial ways.

Defensive use case

Compliance-lead review

For legal and compliance teams, Red Marker serves as a robust assistant. We streamline the review process, free up valuable resources, and increase overall efficiency. This enables your teams to concentrate on strategic tasks, moving away from manual compliance checks.

Preventative use case

Marketing first-pass/self review

For marketing teams, Red Marker accelerates the compliance review process. Providing the ability to content for compliance during the creation process this helps minimize the rounds of feedback and amendments during review, and frees up time to focus on creativity and strategy.


With Red Marker, teams can turn their attention from compliance worries to driving marketing excellence.

How it works: marketing document review

Leveraging powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Red Marker revolutionizes the analysis of documents, text and images to ensure brand and regulatory compliance up to 30 times faster than manual review. With support for numerous file types, and an API to support seamless integration with 3rd-party workflow tools, Red Marker builds compliance accuracy and speed into your review processes.

Key Features of Red Marker’s Document Scanning Platform

Break free from the “us versus them” mentality and transform compliance into a strategic advantage, with Marketing and Compliance working in harmony.

Controlled Content Compliance

Maintain your brand’s integrity by ensuring that all marketing and promotional content aligns with the established compliance standards. Our system automatically verifies the presence and standard of disclaimers, detects high-risk phrases and flags potential misleading statements.

Document Scanning for Marketing Compliance - Platform Screenshot
Have confidence with embedded risk identification for every review

Achieve Legal Compliance Consistency

Our software not only locates newly added content but also flags any modified or missing critical compliance elements. With powerful monitoring tools and advanced search capabilities, Red Marker checks for inconsistencies in pricing or other product features across all client-facing messaging.

Red Marker AI Performance Dashboard
Get consistent feedback on potential risks, every review

Customized Digital Content Review

Red Marker is your tailored checklist for compliance. Our advanced logic scans for the presence or absence of industry-specific content on both text and images. Marketing, Legal and Compliance teams can use the built-in approvals functionality to streamline the content review process.

Red Marker AI Platform
All risks are quickly custom built for your organization

Seamless Software Integrations

At Red Marker, we understand that each user has unique needs. That’s why we’ve designed our integrations to provide you with immediate compliance feedback right within your day-to-day tools. Whether you need high-performance risk detection or clarification on promotional content, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to optimize your workflow and amplify productivity.

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Unmatched Security

We prioritize your security with our ISO 27001 certification and access to a comprehensive dedicated security portal. Trust Red Marker to protect your data as we help you navigate through the complexities of compliance with ease.

Security Portal

Trusted around the world by businesses like yours

Features & Benefits

Pave your pathway to compliant content market with Red Marker’s document scanning software. Tailored to support your team, Red Marker offers premium risk detection wherever your staff need it most.

Risk Detection During the Creative Process

  • Microsoft Word Plug In
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Plug In
  • Figma Plug In
  • Google Docs Plug In
  • Spelling & Grammar checks
  • Optional add-on: AI-powered suggestions for compliant content

Cross-Functional Compliance Review

  • Convenient multi-platform access
  • Cloud-based app for global access
  • Unlimited document reviews
  • Multiple users per account
  • Centralised library of approved assets
  • Built-in approvals feature with email alerts
  • Email-in functionality
  • Edit PDF capabilities for last-mile tweaks

High-Performance Risk Detection

  • Misleading phrases and unsubstantiated claims
  • High-risk words & phrases
  • Unclear promotions
  • Incorrect or missing disclaimers and disclosures
  • Support for brand voice, logos and typography
  • AI-powered image classification 
  • Custom rules to support specialized corporate policies
  • Risk detection reporting

Ongoing Training & Support

  • Dedicated Client Success manager
  • Implementation included within the annual license
  • Support Centre and in-app support
  • Group training sessions
  • 1 on 1 training
  • Quarterly business reviews and performance reporting

Security, Authentication & Integration

  • Single sign-on
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Comprehensive dedicated security portal
  • Access to Red Marker API for custom integrations
  • Integration with a wide range of marketing workflow tools

Your Journey with Red Marker

Embark on an exciting journey towards faster and more efficient compliance processes with Red Marker.

Industries We Serve

Red Marker transforms and enriches the advertising and marketing legal review process for Marketing, Compliance and Legal teams alike, providing the technology to keep pace with escalating volumes of content creation, expectations of compliance, and speed of review.

Banking & Finance

Cash in on accuracy: Redefine your banking & finance practices with AI-enhanced compliance

In the financial world where change is constant, our tools equip both marketers and compliance teams. Marketers can seamlessly create compliant content that can be approved swiftly, while compliance teams can leverage the AI to automate risk identification, transforming traditionally manual processes into efficient ones.


Insure your success with transparent, accurate ad reviews

In the ever-evolving landscape of content and regulations, our AI solutions enable marketers to create clear, compliant content swiftly, while helping compliance teams proactively identify risks and prevent ‘review fatigue’. Get ready for a future of claims-free marketing content compliance.


Connect faster to market without dropping the call on compliance

Cut the cord on traditional, time-consuming compliance processes that could put your campaigns on hold. With our technology, marketers can efficiently manage content requirements, speeding up approvals, while compliance teams can swiftly identify potential issues. It’s time to upgrade your marketing compliance plan to give you a clear signal to success.


Prescribe your marketing success with accurate compliance

Maintain the pulse of your marketing compliance by keeping up with evolving regulatory and scientific standards. Our easily configurable and adaptable AI system ensures marketers can confidently produce compliant content and provides compliance teams with the tools to identify risks faster than ever before.
Your marketing compliance solution just got an effective booster shot!


Drive your marketing compliance forward without a pit stop

Navigate the complexities of marketing compliance with Red Marker. Our technology empowers marketers to generate compliant content seamlessly while enabling compliance teams to track disclaimers, feature qualifications, and more across all marketing communications without hitting the brakes. Buckle up for a smooth ride in automotive marketing compliance.

Food & Beverage

Cook up success with consistent, configurable compliance

Don’t let compliance become a recipe for confusion. Our robust compliance solutions allow marketers to create accurate and compliant marketing messages efficiently while helping compliance teams avoid heat from regulators and senior stakeholders by rapidly identifying potential issues.

Asset Management professional


Boost your compliance health with streamlined delivery of compliant promotional material

Why let compliance become a tough pill to swallow in your healthcare marketing strategy? Launch impactful, HIPAA-compliant campaigns at speed with the helping hand of our AI intelligence and machine learning. Our solution automatically scans promotional material in any format for potential hazards like unsubstantiated or misleading health claims. Take your healthcare marketing into a healthier future, free from the risks of noncompliance.