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Get the latest insights from Red Marker on Marketing Compliance, Artificial Intelligence, and other news in the RegTech and LegalTech space.

NEW: EU Asset Management Rule Library

21 Feb 2024   The challenges for Legal and Compliance teams within the Investment and Asset Management sector lie in several [...]

Automation vs. AI vs. Machine Learning vs NLP: What They Mean for Compliance and Marketing

14 Feb 2024   Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the landscape of jobs across almost every industry, an [...]

Compliance Automation: Benefits and Use Cases

8 Feb 2024   Compliance automation is among the most important technologies for compliance professionals. While implementing [...]

Improving readability in the face of the Consumer Duty

29 Jan 2024   The United Kingdom's FCA Consumer Duty has transformed the landscape of marketing material. With a focus on con [...]

Infographic: Marketing Meets Compliance: Resolving the Divide

This groundbreaking study conducts research into a seldom-addressed issue: the conflict between the creativity of marketing a [...]

Create more compliant content with Google Docs & Red Marker

Identify and remove legal risk in documents prior to submission to legal or compliance - now in Google Docs™. Red Marker is a [...]

RiskGPT for AI-Assisted Content Amendment

8 January 2024 Marketers in heavily regulated industries are likely familiar with approval and launch delays as a result of t [...]

Can Your Existing MarTech Stack Improve Marketing Compliance?

8 December 2023 Marketing in highly competitive, heavily regulated industries presents significant challenges — from ensuring [...]

Why Compliance Is Important for Business

6 December 2023 What is the role of marketing compliance? It's a question that resonates beyond the walls of the compliance a [...]

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