Marketing compliance for healthcare providers

Red Marker helps healthcare providers address regulatory challenges when it comes to marketing and advertising communications. Our software offers a powerful, compliant way to scale marketing reviews, proactively protecting consumers and avoiding regulatory enforcement.

Help consumers make informed healthcare decisions

Healthcare products and services marketed to consumers must comply with a number of guidelines (dependent on product and state) including readability, language and imagery and Medicare regulations.

By integrating Red Marker into teams’ existing advertising and promotional content review workflows, healthcare organizations can ensure their communications are consistently accurate, truthful and not misleading.

Healthcare marketing compliance solutions

Compliance challenges in the Healthcare sector

Companies in the healthcare sector have the difficult job of connecting audiences with their brand’s product or services while complying with federal and state based regulations. Valuable time and resources are needed to evaluate the content and tactics used to communicate with consumers, and legal and compliance teams are historically understaffed compared to marketing teams. 

Medical Professionals discussing Marketing Compliance for the Healthcare Industry
Marketing team in healthcare industry discussing marketing compliance challenges

Alleviating regulatory roadblocks

Red Marker scans and annotates content in a variety of formats against custom compliance rules to offer healthcare providers a scalable way to keep pace with the increasing supply of marketing and advertising content.

 Applying custom logic, Red Marker checks for risk elements specific to your organizational needs and objectives, whilst ensuring you comply with regulatory obligations.

Why use Red Marker?

Red Marker uses automation to scale risk detection during compliance reviews of marketing and promotional content. 

  • Help content creators address issues such as unclear disclaimers and high-risk phrasing and images on promotional material to ensure consumers make informed purchasing decisions
  • Reduce the time it takes to review images and text on behalf of the legal and compliance teams, significantly improving review turnaround times
  • Maintain brand reputation and deliver better experiences in customer engagement through compliant messaging
  • Streamline the regulator’s approval process on submitted promotional materials intended for dissemination