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Streamline automotive marketing compliance practices and avoid financial penalties

The regulations that govern automotive advertising are constantly shifting. As consumers become increasingly dependent on the internet as part of their vehicle purchasing journey, marketers must be proactive in ensuring that their messaging (and content) is compliant.

Through innovative AI and machine learning capabilities, Red Marker’s marketing compliance platform can protect firms from violations and save legal and marketing teams valuable time and resources. Discover the benefits of integrating our software into your existing workflow.

Red Marker AI improves marketing compliance efforts for the automotive industry

Deceptive marketing practices in the automotive industry could lead to injury, car accidents, and fatal crashes. Not to mention, potential fines.

The consequences for dealers who publish non-compliant marketing and advertising content are much greater than a false advertising violation worth a few thousand dollars. The automotive industry is obligated to market to consumers fairly and honestly to ensure their safety. Red Marker can help businesses proactively reduce risk by including custom compliance checklists into their content review workflows that satisfy regulators’ and manufacturers’ requirements.

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Compliance challenges within the automotive sector

Entities like the Federal Trade Commission and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission work to protect the consumer against misleading advertisements and inaccurate information to ensure they make sound purchasing decisions, especially one as large as buying a car. In addition, dealerships need to keep a consistent flow of ad credits coming in from the manufacturer. To effectively market their business and retail their vehicles, they need to submit all advertisements for pre-approval to check for compliance with the manufacturer’s identification rules and offer components.

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Enhancing automotive digital marketing practices

Red Marker users have the power to implement custom industry requirements and adjust their content based on automatic compliance feedback. Capable of scanning and reviewing content in a variety of digital formats in just seconds, professionals in the automotive industry can proactively address regulatory requirements while promoting efficiency. Red Marker software supports numerous file types and offers deeper integration into existing marketing and legal workflows through an API.

Why use Red Marker?
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Using Red Marker it takes 5-10 min to review, depending on the length of the document. The nice thing about RM is that it tells us if our material is compliant.

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30 times faster than manual review alone, automotive marketers will be able to scale their marketing efforts and create compliant content even before submitting for pre-approval from the manufacturer. 

  • Reduce the time it takes for legal compliance teams to review marketing materials and promotional disclaimers.
  • Help content creators address issues such as unclear disclaimers, high-risk phrasing or inaccurate pricing on promotional material to ensure consumers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Improve content turnaround times and ensure that marketing is making better, more compliant content for automotive campaigns.
  • Streamline the pre-approval process with the manufacturer.