Enhance Compliance and Streamline Operations

The pressure to review and approve marketing and advertising assets swiftly, while remaining vigilant about regulatory and brand risk, is a constant juggling act for compliance and legal.

Red Marker uses intelligent technology that provides an efficient and proactive approach to the identification and management of advertising risk.

Leveraging AI for Efficient Reviews

With 81% of marketers perceiving compliance as “in the way of their operations”, Red Marker’s AI-powered software offers a breath of fresh air. We use advanced artificial intelligence and automation to proactively identify legal risks — allowing your brand to navigate the ever-changing landscape of regulations and avoid non-compliance penalties that can tarnish reputation and harm finances.

The current review process, which involves manual compliance checks on countless documents in a variety of formats, is time-consuming, repetitive and facilitates an inefficient and reactive approach to legal compliance management.

Using technology, Red Marker transforms this cumbersome process. Our tool flags risks and issues, instantly providing clear and concise feedback on how to address missing or altered critical compliance elements and high-risk text or images based on your unique brand requirements and industry regulations.

Using Red Marker helps me catch things that I miss. It looks at things with fresh eyes every time, calling out variations. It has improved both risk detection across all reviews and it’s also helped us become more consistent as an organization.

Compliance User US Insurer

Seamless Collaboration With Marketing Operations

Balancing timeline expectations from marketing and meticulous compliance review doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. Red Marker’s advanced document scanning technology simplifies the review process that your marketing and advertising content undergoes before reaching customers.

Last in line before publication, legal and compliance teams bear a significant burden of responsibility. Our software eases this burden by automating compliance checks, using customized risk detection built to the requirements of your regulatory and brand compliance guidelines, highlighting risky content, and providing insight and remedial feedback.

Tailored Compliance: Built for You, Built With You

Not just tailored to your needs, Red Marker is built for you. Our custom risk detection technology powers our Document Scanning platform and monthly web reports, providing truly bespoke AI solutions to address your unique business requirements.

During onboarding, our expert implementation teams collaborate closely with you to set up your rules, requirements, and triggers. From there, our Client Success teams will train you on how to extract maximum value from our solution. With Red Marker, you gain a partner committed to protecting your brand from regulatory risk and ensuring consistent compliance across your marketing.

Why use Document Scanning Technology?


Ensure your marketing and advertising content is fully compliant.


Analyze documents instantly with just a click.


Conduct reviews up to 30x faster, reducing time and cost spent on manual reviews.

Streamlined approval

Benefit from our built-in approval process for seamless workflow integration.

Industries We Serve

Red Marker transforms and enriches the advertising and marketing legal review process for Marketing, Compliance and Legal teams alike, providing the technology to keep pace with escalating volumes of content creation, expectations of compliance, and speed of review.

Banking & Finance

Redefine your banking and finance review practices

Red Marker transforms and enriches the advertising and marketing legal review process for Marketing, Compliance and Legal teams alike, providing the technology to keep pace with escalating volumes of content creation, expectations of compliance, and speed of review.


Transparent, accurate advertising reviews

In the complex world of insurance, a single word out of place could mean a significant compliance misstep. Bolster messaging accuracy and readability, build customer trust and ensure your communications remain on the right side of regulations.


Connect faster to market without dropping the call on compliance

With our technology, marketers can efficiently manage content requirements, speeding up approvals, while compliance teams can swiftly identify potential issues. It’s time to upgrade your marketing compliance to give you a clear signal to success.


Prescribe your marketing success with accurate compliance

In the medical and life sciences industry, every communication and every claim must meet stringent regulations. Navigate this high-stakes landscape confidently, delivering compliant and compelling messaging that resonates with the audience.


Drive marketing compliance into the future

Whether you’re launching a new vehicle or promotional offer, the need for compliance is non-negotiable. Ensure the process to legal approval for each campaign runs smoothly – reaching your audience without delay.

Food & Beverage

Consistent, configurable compliance review processes

Whether it’s launching a new product, promoting a seasonal special, or ensuring nutritional claims are present, protect your consumers and ensure your F&B communications are always at the highest level of compliance.

Asset Management professional


Boost the delivery of compliant promotional material

In an industry where regulations strive to keep pace with innovations, keeping marketing and advertising compliant is crucial. Manage your fast-evolving marketing strategies efficiently, ensuring they align seamlessly with the latest guidelines.

Enhancing Marketing Compliance Management With Our Integration Partners

With the support of our API, Red Marker users can incorporate the 3rd-party tools they use every day into their workflows to bring their marketing and advertising content one step closer to compliance.

Red Marker Resources for Legal & Compliance

Take the next step in achieving better and repeatable compliance outcomes with our free guides. Utilize Red Marker’s materials to evaluate your current marketing and legal review processes, see where automated marketing compliance can offer improvements, and learn how to make the most out of custom risk detection technology.