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Ready to transform your marketing compliance but don’t know where to start? Our Marketing Legal Toolkit lays out a roadmap to success for legal and compliance teams that are ready to work smarter, not harder. Download the guide here.

In today’s environment, there is increased financial pressure to do more with less in legal teams that are already restricted by headcount. With consumers reacting faster than ever across social media to deceptive and misleading content, and the volume of marketing ever increasing, many organizations are identifying compliance as a significant pain point.

Improve Your Review Process With Red Marker’s Marketing Legal Toolkit

Our Marketing Legal Toolkit is designed to help you identify ways to reduce the time, effort, and cost of your marketing legal process. First, we help you understand the ins and outs of your compliance, asking three key questions;

What type of content are you producing?

What channels are you producing content for, who is consuming the material, and how are they consuming it?

Who reviews the content?

Are you relying on legal experts to review content? Are content producers responsible? How big is your team?

What limitations and guidelines are being used?

Are your guidelines formalised? Do you use marketing checklists? Are you relying on guidelines?

The Toolkit then lays out a staged approach to optimising your marketing review process, encompassing all aspects of the review process including vision, process, people, workflow, and guidelines.

Download our free marketing legal toolkit here.

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