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With cutting-edge AI-driven marketing compliance software that’s 30X faster than manual review, we certainly have a couple of tricks up our sleeve. Our SaaS marketing compliance platform was designed with convenience in mind, and we work diligently to continually innovate and deliver an efficient user experience as well. From platform integration shortcuts to user insights, we have the hacks to streamline your marketing compliance with Red Marker.

Take a look at these top five tips and tricks below:

Download an annotated PDF

Deliver or archive annotated content by downloading a PDF. PDFs easily notate where amendments need to be made through comments directly on the page. Click here to see how to download an annotated PDF.

Start here:

  • Open up your PDF reader of choice. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Navigate to ‘Reports’ in the top right-hand corner of Red Marker review page
  • Select ‘Annotated PDF’ from the dropdown menu
  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader to take a look at your annotated report
Adobe Acrobat Logo

Email in review request to Red Marker

If you don’t want to upload your content for Red Marker to review, just email us! Within minutes, Red Marker will scan your document and send back an annotated PDF outlining any potential compliance risks within your content.

Here’s how:

Need more information? We’ve answered all the questions you have about emailing Red Marker.

Create your own rules

Based on recent feedback, users are seeking more control over their compliance process. We have now made it available for users to create and manage their own rules in Red Marker. Using your guidance, Red Marker will find similar non-compliant sentences within your documents to check for sentence similarity. Additionally, users can create their own disclaimer rules to receive immediate compliance feedback without the support of their Client Success Manager.

Learn more about how Red Marker can help you create your own compliance rules.

Use mark-up tools to quickly review your own documents

Use the toolbar on the top right-hand corner of the Red Marker review page for access to all the tools and icons you’ll need. Learn how to search, markup, and annotate your way.

Check out this guide to the Red Marker tool bar.

Leverage valuable user insights

Get a high-level overview of your documents’ progress through the compliance review process with the performance dashboard. Want to know how many documents have been reviewed in a certain time period or how many risks were identified? Find out in seconds by logging in to Red Marker and clicking ‘Performance.’

As we continue to learn about our users’ preferences and work with our implementation experts to improve our offering, there are more tips and tricks to come. If you’d like a refresh of the Red Marker platform and a better understanding of user hacks, book a demo and a Red Marker implementation consultant will be in contact with you.

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