Detect Advertising Risks with Automated Compliance Solutions


Mitigate the risks of promotional advertising

If your review process for promotional advertising misses a beat because of human error or resource constraints, it can cost your business time and money, and jeopardize customer loyalty.

Red Marker’s AI-driven document scanning platform can help you avoid misleading or ambiguous statements in promotional advertising. Adhere to marketing and advertising regulations through our customizable legal compliance software to minimize financial risk and avoid compromising your valued brand reputation.

Where should you focus your promotional advertising compliance review efforts? Everywhere.

  • Successful compliance review processes require many different departments within your organization to work together effectively in order to mitigate risk.
  • An effective compliance checklist can be used to standardize content review processes while ensuring legal compliance and adherence to promotional regulations in the United States, European Union,  United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Red Marker focuses on compliance outcomes that are customized for your compliance checklists and content review processes. The platform identifies risks in real-time, completing compliance reviews as much as 30x faster than a human reviewer.

You can get started with Red Marker in just one day.

The current climate for promotional advertising requires companies to be more on top of compliance review processes.  Marketing compliance technology from Red Marker can help you transform inefficient paper-based processes quickly and easily.

Here are some of the ways you can use our “out-of-the-box” marketing compliance solution:

  • Leverage advanced risk detection logic and AI to automate and accelerate current review processes.
  • Quickly scan any content format (PDF, XLS/CSV) for high-risk phrases or other red flags.
  • Make Red Marker an extension of your team by emailing content to us as needed for instant review.

Illustration of document with highlighted compliance violations

Red Marker is designed to make the legal review of advertising risks fast, easy, and reliable.

Schedule a demo today with our team and start a conversation about the pain points in your compliance review process and how we can help.

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