How to prevent false advertising with Compliance Software


Align your marketing and advertising content with the strict guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission and Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Rules set forth by the FTC and ACCC are designed to protect consumers from being influenced by misleading advertisements and false claims in marketing. Violations may result in cease and desist orders, stiff fines, or even civil lawsuits relating to false claims. Red marker provides real-time feedback through AI and machine learning to detect areas of potential risk and allows users to proactively monitor consumer-facing content for instances of non-compliance.

In 2020, the FTC issued $483 million in refunds to consumers for non-compliance claims. Companies that short cut the review process will learn too late that the customer is always right.

  • As digital advertising becomes more complex, manual content review processes cannot proactively address compliance to FTC and ACCC guidelines on all offline, online and mobile content increasing the likelihood that false advertising and misleading claims will be delivered in customer-facing communications.
  • Avoid costly penalties or legal claims with an effective compliance management system that accounts for a wide range of content formats across multiple promotional channels, providing real-time risk assessment.
  • With automated compliance review that is 30X faster than manual review, Red Marker uses machine learning and natural language processing to flag digital, web, and other marketing collateral to help any industry mitigate risk. This advanced compliance automation software identifies potential false claims or misleading content to protect you from the negative effects of false advertising on consumers.

What are the consequences of false advertising? With Red Marker, you will probably never have to find out.

Red Marker’s AI-powered platform makes risk assessment, content review, and on-demand reporting automatic to keep your business on the right side of FTC and ACCC regulations

Here are some of the ways you can utilize Red Marker software to mitigate risk and ensure FTC compliance:

  • Leverage advanced risk detection logic, AI, and web scanning technology to automate and accelerate your current content review processes.
  • Quickly scan digital and website marketing content in any format (PDF, doc(x), ppt(x)) for high-risk phrases, misleading claims, and general misinformation before it’s delivered to your investors.
  • Make Red Marker an extension of your marketing and legal team by emailing content to our system as needed for instant, automated review.
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