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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffet

Each time your brand creates new messaging to connect with potential customers or engage with an audience, you are opening the door for potential risk.

No matter if you share inconsistent or misleading information, your brand will suffer from decreased customer loyalty, regulatory fines for non-compliance, or both. Brands with an online presence should be especially cognizant of how they communicate and market to customers and set up internal brand compliance processes.

According to research published by Weber Shandwick, brand reputation comprises 63% of a company’s market value. With the stakes so high, and the demand for new products growing, brands have no choice but to invest in their compliance efforts to ensure their protection and future success. In increasingly competitive markets, it is absolutely critical that content review processes are not just scalable to account for digital reach, but are sophisticated enough to keep up with changing regulations.

How does compliance impact brand protection?

The truth is, living in the digital age is a double-edged sword. Brands have unlimited access to their customer base, but one single misstep can be witnessed by anyone with a smartphone or laptop in real-time.

Marketing with compliance in mind also sets companies apart from other competitors which adds to customer loyalty. When your own marketing content as well as your vendor’s content is consistent across all platforms, both potential partners and customers will feel confident about engaging with you. In fact, 70% of marketers reported on Learn Hub that consistent branding is the most important thing to keep in mind when communicating with existing customers.

On top of that, if your brand caters to an international audience, your advertising and marketing content needs to abide by regulations set by governing bodies in multiple countries.

Without the support of AI, content review processes are not equipped to proactively mitigate risk from all aspects of compliance. Brands are in need of dynamic compliance support to ensure all marketing and advertising content is synonymous with consistency and transparency, which is exactly what a robust compliance software can offer.

How Red Marker can help protect your brand

With Red Marker’s AI-driven software, all your compliance needs are anticipated and met, instantly. By implementing your industry’s specific requirements and leveraging natural language processing, machine learning capabilities, and advanced scanning technology, Red Marker can monitor and review thousands of pages, individual text, and images within seconds to flag areas of potential risk.

To ensure that all marketing and advertising documents share matching data and information, Red Marker uses advanced logic to retrieve external data to compare things like licensing and certifications.

With the increased demand for content, Red Marker offers a streamlined content review process that is 30 times faster than manual review, saving your legal and marketing teams time, money and resources.

Schedule a demo to find out how Red Marker’s innovative marketing compliance solution can better protect your brand and streamline your compliance efforts.

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