Identify and remove legal risk in documents prior to submission to legal or compliance – now in Google Docs™.

Red Marker is available as an extension for Google Docs, enabling creators to focus on creating content that is compelling, accurate and compliant from within the word processing solution itself, and streamlining the  process for creating, reviewing and approving content into a centralized location.  Furthermore, Compliance can be looped in early and often using the collaborative review functionality, streamlining the review process and creating transparency cross-functionally.


How it works:

Open your Google Doc and access the Red Marker Add-on.



Select from the list of categories to ensure the right risk detection applies to the document.



Red Marker then scans the document for risks, providing a list of those to be addressed. You can then review the risks flagged by Red Marker, replying with comments or dismissing risks. Most risks are linked to particular terms or phrases within the document, and clicking on them will scroll your document and highlight the relevant term.



Using the collaborative review functionality, other colleagues (including legal and compliance) can also open Red Marker, see the comments left by marketing, and add their own input.



To store the final version of the document on the Red Marker online app, users can send the document from Google Docs to Red Marker as a PDF document.



If you have made changes to the document and wish to re-review to ensure that the risk has been addressed, you can click “Review again.” If you’d like to store your document online in the Red Marker app or start the approvals process, click the icon in the top right corner to send to Red Marker for final review. The document will be converted to a PDF and re-reviewed from within the platform.



Once you have sent your document, you will be redirected to the Red Marker App to access the reviewed version of your document.


Why use Red Marker in Google Docs?

Red Marker provides one of the most critical and powerful add-ons for marketers using Google Docs. Think of it as functioning similarly to a spell check (such as Grammarly) but more critically, that ensures compliance, mitigates the feedback and approval process from Legal and Compliance and uses the latest AI technology in order to help marketers remain efficient and compliant.

Whatever your industry, we can help ensure your content remains compliant, all from within your favorite word processing tool.

If you’d like to learn more about how your review process can benefit from Red Marker in Google Docs, get in touch today.

Google Docs™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

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