The Red Marker advantage

Red Marker gives marketing and legal teams the power to control compliance outcomes with advanced technology, trust in our solutions and unmatched capabilities for risk detection performance.


Leading the revolution in compliance automation

Featuring the latest in AI and machine learning capabilities, Red Marker is setting the new standard for how brands in highly-regulated industries address risk, and redefining where compliance is introduced within traditional marketing and legal workflows through sophisticated integrations.


Our philosophy is that true impact relies on the collaboration of humans and technology working together. This is rooted in a trust built through strong partnerships that deliver highly tailored implementations that meet our clients’ needs—their products, services and risk appetite.

Available coverage across regulated sectors

Red Marker’s dynamic compliance platform supports highly-regulated brands in a range of industries. The software was designed to alleviate the broad challenges that marketing and legal teams share in creating customer-facing, compliant content at the velocity that the market demands.

Your compliance partner for custom risk detection

In order to help clients achieve optimal compliance outcomes, technology and human collaboration is essential. To offer the best protection against potential risk and damages, Red Marker’s Implementation and Customer Success teams ensure that your solution is built and tested to meet your specific brand, legal and regulatory requirements.

Enhanced workflows through platform integrations

With Red Marker’s API, users have every opportunity to seamlessly integrate automated compliance into their day-to-day processes. Wherever you are creating or reviewing content, you can trigger Red Marker to deliver real-time feedback through its advanced document scanning feature. Check out all available integrations.


Take a look at how other compliance solutions compare to Red Marker:
Risk detection performance Solution A Solution B Solution C Red Marker
Data-driven reporting ­ ­ ­ ­
Real-time feedback ­ ­
Advanced web reporting ­ ­ ­
Automated document scanning ­
Custom risk detection ­ ­ ­
Integration & security Solution A Solution B Solution C Red Marker
Enterprise-grade security ­ ­
Third party integrations ­
Access to API ­