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As the only AI compliance review product available globally to support a scaled, compliance review process, we take feedback from our clients to heart. Our priority is to offer opportunities for efficiency and productivity to legal and compliance professionals around the world and work hard to deliver new solutions to user pain points. We understood that our users were seeking more autonomy within their compliance processes, so we updated the platform with new features like a Google Doc extension and new user management offerings.

To optimize your user experience, take a look at these new features to Red Marker:

Review content easier with Google Doc extension

Have Red Marker review your digital content even sooner in the content development process with the new Google Doc extension. This integration will cut down on unnecessary wait time and provide real-time compliance feedback within the document. From disclaimers to high-risk language, and brand guidelines, you’ll have drafted content with compliance in mind.

Get started with the Google Doc extension:

  • Install the Red Marker for Google Docs Chrome extension
  • Open the Google Doc you need
  • Click Red Marker extension icon
  • Login to Red Marker to review your document

Get all your questions answered about the Google Doc extension.

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Microsoft Word Integration

Red Marker is a ‘spell check’ for compliance, completing legal and compliance review up to 30x faster than manual review. Unlike other compliance workflow and brand safety tools, Red Marker is meeting users right where marketing content is created. Our new integration with Microsoft Word provides marketers and legal professionals with real-time compliance feedback directly within their working document. After logging in to the Microsoft Word Add-in, Red Marker will highlight risky content and suggest changes to meet compliance requirements.

Here’s how to centrally deploy the Red Marker Word Add-in:

  • Make sure you have Microsoft 365 Enterprise SKUs: E3/E5/F3 or Business SKUs: Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium
  • Log into Office 365 as an admin user
  • Go to the menu in the top left corner and click ‘admin’ to go the the Admin Center
  • Once in the Admin Center, search and click on ‘integrated apps’ in the search bar
  • On the integrated app page, click ‘upload custom apps’
  • This will open select the option “provide link to manifest file”, click next, then deploy the Add-in. Your manifest link will differ depending on your region:
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User Management Updates

Want more control over your users’ permissions and better protect your business? Without reaching out to your Client Success Manager, you can assign admin rights, add or delete users, update user permissions, and much more.

Take better control of your content review team. Learn what other tools are available to explore in the user management FAQ page.

Creating your own rules: Sentence Similarity and Disclaimers

Red Marker is on its way to creating an even more customized experience for its users. One of our first initiatives to make rule creation and management even more seamless is allowing users to create their own sentence similarity rules. To immediately start detecting similar risky content in your documents, just provide a few examples of non-compliant and compliant sentences in the platform and you’ll be on your way to helping Red Marker better conduct reviews in the future.

Users can also shift from manual to automated review when it comes to their custom disclaimers. Simply add your disclaimers into Red Marker and start receiving immediate compliance feedback. Learn how to create your own disclaimers—all without the assistance of IT.

Learn more on how to create your own sentence similarity rules.

Asana integration

This offering will be beneficial to any content review process in any industry. By integrating with your teams’ CMS, any instances of doubling handling of files, miscommunication or missed deadlines is removed; while ensuring that all contributors are always on the same page. You can also assign Red Marker to automatically review your content.

How to start using Asana integration:

  • Create a task within your project and select YES RMR
  • Attach a document to the task using the comment field
  • Asana will notify Red Marker of the request and download the content into the platform
  • Receive an annotated PDF version of the content from Red Marker
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Learn how to integrate Red Marker and Asana.

View our full list of integrations.

Check out these common questions and their solutions from Red Marker support and contact us for any questions about capabilities, updates and pricing.

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