Marketing Meets Compliance: Resolving the Divide

Marketing Meets Compliance: Resolving the Divide provides an in-depth exploration into a rarely discussed challenge: the tension between marketing creativity and compliance rigor.

Providing insight from those on the frontline we surveyed 550 professionals from the banking, asset management, and insurance sectors in the US, UK, and Australia.

Explore the informative infographic, or download the whitepaper to learn more.

Research highlights include:

  • Most Marketers believe that if they have enough experience, compliance reviews become superfluous
  • Many Legal and Compliance professionals believe that the Marketing team doesn’t entirely comprehend what is involved in conducting thorough reviews
  • There is a strong disconnect over who is accountable for the marketing compliance process internally
  • Overt subjectivity in the review process is a shared challenge
  • Respondents agree on the need to implement technology that can optimize the process