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Our ability to integrate with most tools and platforms allows us to support the robust scaling of content compliance from creation to approval, streamlining review and making approval for marketing and advertising content simple.
Uncover our integration partners, chosen for their power to boost your productivity and enhance marketing compliance.

Content Creation Tools

Our integration partners have been carefully selected for their ability to help us empower marketers to create more compliant content from the start, ultimately reducing the compliance review approval process.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Google Docs

Workflow Tools

We appreciate how crucial it is for workflows to run smoothly in a busy environment, and that tools that can enhance need to be seamlessly integrated into existing ecosystems to ensure maximum productivity and benefit. Our workflow partners enable marketerscompliance and legal teams to incorporate the compliance and legal review process of marketing and advertising material into everyday processes.

ACA Compliance
Adobe Workfront
Email-In Functionality

Available on Request

​​Please let us know if there’s a tool you’d like Red Marker to integrate with that’s not currently listed. We’re always looking to expand our integrations to cater to our clients’ unique needs.

Adobe Workfront
Red Oak
Veeva Vault PromoMats

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Industries We Serve

Red Marker transforms and enriches the advertising and marketing legal review process for Marketing, Compliance and Legal teams alike, providing the technology to keep pace with escalating volumes of content creation, expectations of compliance, and speed of review.

Banking & Finance

Cash in on accuracy: Redefine your banking & finance practices with AI-enhanced compliance

In the financial world where change is constant, our tools equip both marketers and compliance teams. Marketers can seamlessly create compliant content that can be approved swiftly, while compliance teams can leverage the AI to automate risk identification, transforming traditionally manual processes into efficient ones.


Insure your success with transparent, accurate ad reviews

In the ever-evolving landscape of content and regulations, our AI solutions enable marketers to create clear, compliant content swiftly, while helping compliance teams proactively identify risks and prevent ‘review fatigue’. Get ready for a future of claims-free marketing content compliance.


Connect faster to market without dropping the call on compliance

Cut the cord on traditional, time-consuming compliance processes that could put your campaigns on hold. With our technology, marketers can efficiently manage content requirements, speeding up approvals, while compliance teams can swiftly identify potential issues. It’s time to upgrade your marketing compliance plan to give you a clear signal to success.


Prescribe your marketing success with accurate compliance

Maintain the pulse of your marketing compliance by keeping up with evolving regulatory and scientific standards. Our easily configurable and adaptable AI system ensures marketers can confidently produce compliant content and provides compliance teams with the tools to identify risks faster than ever before.
Your marketing compliance solution just got an effective booster shot!


Drive your marketing compliance forward without a pit stop

Navigate the complexities of marketing compliance with Red Marker. Our technology empowers marketers to generate compliant content seamlessly while enabling compliance teams to track disclaimers, feature qualifications, and more across all marketing communications without hitting the brakes. Buckle up for a smooth ride in automotive marketing compliance.

Food & Beverage

Cook up success with consistent, configurable compliance

Don’t let compliance become a recipe for confusion. Our robust compliance solutions allow marketers to create accurate and compliant marketing messages efficiently while helping compliance teams avoid heat from regulators and senior stakeholders by rapidly identifying potential issues.

Asset Management professional


Boost your compliance health with streamlined delivery of compliant promotional material

Why let compliance become a tough pill to swallow in your healthcare marketing strategy? Launch impactful, HIPAA-compliant campaigns at speed with the helping hand of our AI intelligence and machine learning. Our solution automatically scans promotional material in any format for potential hazards like unsubstantiated or misleading health claims. Take your healthcare marketing into a healthier future, free from the risks of noncompliance.