AI-Powered Risk Detection and Content Compliance Solutions

Embrace the new era of marketing content reviews with Red Marker. Our software uses artificial intelligence and automation to identify and provide actionable feedback on potential legal, brand and compliance risks in marketing, advertising and communications, transforming the review process through technology.

Who uses Red Marker, and how?

Marketing teams

Red Marker empowers marketers to manage the compliance of their content from inception. By integrating with key content creation tools, we help you to ensure content complies with brand and regulatory guidelines while they are being crafted, ultimately resulting in reduced compliance review times and enhancing end to end process efficiency.

Legal/Compliance teams

Using advanced custom-risk detection, bespoke to the needs of the business, Red Marker applies intelligent technology to help legal and compliance teams take the manual work out of content reviews, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Risks are accompanied by objective, actionable feedback, helping achieve consistency and compliance across all promotional messaging.

See how Red Marker works

Automate and Optimize the Legal Review of Marketing Assets

Red Marker is designed to benefit legal, compliance and marketing teams making it the ideal tool to bridge the gap between these crucial departments.

Document Scanning provides comprehensive and consistently reliable reviews of marketing assets, swiftly identifying potential risks and offering objective feedback for remedial action.

Elevate oversight of website content compliance with tailored monthly Web Reports, keeping you informed about compliance of content across live promotional materials on partner, affiliate or owned domains.

We fit into your existing technology stack for seamless, efficient workflow

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Microsoft PowerPoint
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