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The Latest News from Red Marker

We understand that your time is valuable.

That is why our Web Implementation consultants are dedicated to integrating our compliance software with the latest project management and web applications to continue improving the user experience.

Learn more about the upcoming features coming to Red Marker that will help legal, marketing and compliance professionals work more strategically and ultimately, better together.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint Logo

With the recent integration of Microsoft Word, marketers and legal professionals are enjoying new ways to streamline their legal document review process.

Through real-time, actionable compliance reviews provided on your working doc, users can ensure their advertising collateral is compliant before it’s sent to the legal team. Now, with the upcoming Microsoft PowerPoint integration, there are even more opportunities to create compliant, accurate content at a rapid speed.

Retrieve the manifest links and learn how to deploy the Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins here.

Take a look at our last announcement of upcoming features and view our list of integrations.

Have more questions about capabilities, updates, or pricing? Contact us and take a look at these common questions and their solutions from Red Marker support.

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