Enhance Marketing Content Reviews with Red Marker Approvals

Even with all the tools available today, there are several tried and true preferred options – for better or worse – that we use as go-to’s in our day to day roles. For businesses around the globe, Word documents have always been a staple, particularly during the content creation process. and similarly, spreadsheets often feature as part of the everyday arsenal when managing projects, workloads and tracking the status of documents .

Often marketing content and assets are submitted to legal and compliance for review using these tools, which can feed into a siloed, opaque process providing opportunity for human error and can require checking several locations in order to find the review or approval status of a document.

With increasing volumes of content being produced for use across a range of channels, in order to be efficient, managing the review and approval of marketing assets should take place in a centralized location. By offering transparency for all parties involved, being able to monitor the status, where the document is in the approval process and immediately understand who has approved or rejected the document and why, this provides a more streamlined process cross-functionally, and reduces admin.

To enhance the review process for our clients, we have developed an Approvals tool within Red Marker that can be completely customized to the legal or compliance approval flow within your business. This offers users access to a single location where documents can submitted, approved and the status for each is clearly displayed.

How it works:

  1. Marketing uploads the document ready for approval into Red Marker
  2. Marketing selects from the list of customized groups/individuals to identify the relevant approvers.
  3. Marketing can then review the risks flagged by Red Marker and submit the final version for approval (or amend the document in line with suggested risks, then re-upload and submit for approval).
  4. Legal, Compliance and/or selected approvers will then receive an email notification, alerting them to the document they need to approve.
  5. All parties involved can keep track of the approval progress and status, see who the list of applicable approvers, who has approved (and when), and who is remaining to review.
  6. When the document is fully approved, it will show as such in the Red Marker document list, and the Marketing submitter will receive email notification it is complete.


If you’d like to learn more about how your review process can benefit from Approvals, get in touch today.

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