Marketing Compliance is No Longer Optional: The State of Play in 2022

Employ solutions against the key challenges facing today’s legal compliance teams.

In 2022, regulators are on the offensive. Fines and penalties have skyrocketed for companies that publish misleading information, and companies that neglect this risk put their reputation and billions of dollars on the line.

Why? Compliance teams can no longer keep up with the amount of marketing content they need to review. Despite their best efforts, bottlenecks between legal and marketing teams prevent campaigns from going to market, or allow risky content to slip between the cracks.

This webinar addresses solutions to this emergent threat, covering topics such as:

  • The three main categories of compliance risk
  • Why compliance teams are falling behind
  • Where traditional marketing workflow tools fail
  • How AI technology is evolving legal compliance
  • Freeing up legal and marketing teams to focus on value-add work

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