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Marketers in heavily regulated industries are likely familiar with approval and launch delays as a result of the legal or compliance review process. It’s critical to ensure content meets regulatory and brand standards and removes risks — however, the manual nature of current processes can involve heavy backlogs. The nature of late-stage, reactive reviews of content can mean several rounds of amends before gaining approval, inching closer to deadlines and stretching turnaround times.


Marketers face a common compliance problem

Marketers are expected to deliver content and assets that are closely aligned to full compliance standards whilst juggling creativity, deadlines, and multiple stakeholders. However, Marketing teams often feel they receive inconsistent, subjective, and unactionable feedback from compliance and legal. This leads to inefficient, lengthy review cycles that delay campaigns.

Our RiskGPT feature is here to simplify this process by leveraging generative AI to propose compliant alternatives for risky marketing copy.


What does RiskGPT look like?

RiskGPT suggests changes to content in line with industry- specific regulations and brand requirements. This means Marketing teams can utilise RiskGPT to provide recommendations of compliant copy suggestions in line with the guidelines and risk appetite of their organisation.  On the identified risks, users are provided with a replacement suggestion, and have the option to generate additional versions as needed.



Red Marker flags legal and compliance risks and provides clear, actionable feedback for each instance — and enables marketers to rectify content issues before submission for Legal or Compliance review. Red Marker and RiskGPT empowers marketers to have greater control over the marketing compliance process by providing them with the technology needed for accurate and effective first-line review.



This empowers teams to submit assets closer to compliance, which simplifies and speeds up the approval process.


The results speak for themselves

RiskGPT makes it simpler to produce compliant marketing and advertising content:

  • Saves time. Instead of going back and forth on post-submission amends, submit a reviewed and revised draft that meets regulatory requirements. This leads to faster approvals and saves time for both departments.
  • Removes manual risk identification for marketers. Intelligent technology can help review and amend content to a higher level of compliance, this alleviates cross-departmental frustrations due to the submission of non-compliant content.
  • Removes the need for marketers to manually reword content. Marketers no longer worry about repeatedly rewriting copy only for compliance to flag it as risky.



I’ve heard of ChatGPT; is it related?

ChatGPT and RiskGPT are built on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 family of large language models. OpenAI uses information fed into it to improve itself but does not use your compliance information to do so, making RiskGPT more secure for organizations.


How is Red Marker protecting my data? What does Red Marker do with the data that is sent to RiskGPT?

As part of Red Marker’s ISO27001 certification, we have stringent data protection controls in place, including data used by RiskGPT. Learn more:


How does Red Marker ensure RiskGPT suggestions are compliant?

Red Marker identifies risky content and sends special instructions to the OpenAI API to remove/reduce the identified risks in the document. All AI natural language generation models are probabilistic, so their results do vary. This is why we give users the option to request additional content suggestions.


Can ChatGPT do the same thing as Red Marker?

No. RedMarker is specifically designed to detect legal/compliance/brand risk in marketing materials, ChatGPT doesn’t have the legal/compliance capabilities to do this.


Who should use RiskGPT?

  1. Content creators and copywriters. We recommend using RiskGPT through our content creator integrations, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Add-ins for compliance at the source. Red Marker can review work, identify risks, and help you amend documents, ready for approval — all in a matter of minutes.
  2. Marketers working with agencies. These professionals can use the Red Marker App to scan assets shared by their agencies.
  3. Legal and compliance teams. These teams can review documents submitted by Marketing using the Red Marker app, or via our integration partners.


Save time and money with RiskGPT

For distinctly separate functions that often need to cross-over, such as marketing and compliance, technology is now able to aid the critical workflow of reviewing marketing assets and ease communication struggles, helping you get your assets approved faster. Reduce the amount of copy you have to rewrite manually and reimagine the extensive back-and-forth approval process with your legal department. Save time with RiskGPT.

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